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Manuscript Submission using the uploading module of the website: online submission

Online submission
All submissions will start by uploading the ACDE (Authorship-Copyright-Disclaimer-Ethics) which clearly states the following: the title, authorship, copyright agreement transferred to the Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine, disclaimer acceptance and Ethics approval (if needed according to National and International regulations as stated by Helsinki Declaration). Copyright transfer covers the exclusive and unlimited rights to reproduce and distribute the article in any form of reproduction (including electronic media) and translations for all languages and countries in the benefit of the dissemination of scientific information, limits for redundant publication that upon acceptance the authors will not further submit the manuscript to another Journal..

Submission of a paper in electronic format represents a considerable reduction of publishing delays, but only if a few basic rules are observed in preparing the text:

1. Submit only the final updated version of your paper

2. The text should be in Word for Windows compatible programs. Please never submit a manuscript as a .pdf but only as a word format.

3. Use as few formatting commands as possible:
    a. input your text continuously;
    b. do not use different types of fonts, bold or italic fonts to highlight your text;
    c. use only the Return key to indicate the end of paragraphs, headings, lists etc.;
    d. do not use the space bar to indicate paragraphs, but only the Tab key;
    e. do not insert page numbers manually;
    f. any word or phrase that you would like to emphasize should be indicated throughout the text by underlining
    g. do not insert footers or headers;

4. Charts and tables should be drawn in Word or excel Excel format. Please place all tables at the end of your file, or better, in a separate file - indicate in the text the place of your table or photo

5. You can scan photographs (using Adobe-Photoshop or any other compatible programs) and save them as .tif or .jpg files. Please place all photos at the end of your file, or better, in a separate file - indicate in the text the place of your photo.

6. Make sure that the text file and the print-out correspond exactly.

7. Sizing figures, tables and/or charts: 1 column width - 87mm or 20.5 picas or 3.42 inches; 2 columns width - 180mm or 42.5 picas or 7.1 inches; Please size your attachments accordingly.

Manuscript Submission using postal submission

Postal submission. Will include:

1.Cover letter from the author which will cover the authorship, a very short abstract, conflict of interest if any, ethics statement

2.Authorship agreement in RJLM format (www.rjlm/...manuscript submission)

3.Manuscript text with Tables, Figures if any.

4.Cover letter/To whom it may concern from the institution, etc. which conduct the study, research, project, survey, etc. to whom the present manuscript is part of assessing that the informed consent on human subjects if needed, was appropriately required and received according to international regulations (Helsinki 1964 and 2013) and that no conflict of interest is hosted.

5. CD with manuscript, tables and figures

6. Please upload on the uploading module from the RJLM website (1) the authorship agreement and (1) the abstract, (3) specifying as a message that the manuscript has been send via postage.

Adress for postal submission:

Prof. Dr. GEORGE CRISTIAN CURCA, MD, Ph.D., Chief editor
Adress: Institutul National de Medicina Legala Mina Minovici Bucuresti
Sos. Vitan Barzesti, 9, sector 4, 042122 Bucuresti, Romania

Fax Number: +4021-332-5008
Tel. Number: +4021-334-6260

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