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Vol. 27 Issue 1 March 2019

1. Anatomic significance of topographical relief in the pars basalis telencephali. Implications in forensic psychopathology
G. S. Drăgoi, I. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med27(1)1-9(2019)

2. Forensic pathological study of 334 cases of sudden cardiac death in Genoa (Italy) district. A seven-year report
R. Barranco, N. Vernazza, F. Ventura,
Rom J Leg Med27(1)10-15(2019)

3. Determination the presence of amplification products of 16s rRNA microcystis aeruginosa as a biomarker of drowning
V. M. Voloshynovych, R. O. Kasala, U. Y. Stambulska, M. S. Voloshynovych
Rom J Leg Med27(1)16-21(2019)

4. Augmenting autopsy through MPMCTA in cases involving stabbing wounds
A. C. Minoiu, P. Genet, I. Mirea, B. Covaliu, E. Minoiu, B. V. Popa, S. Grabherr
Rom J Leg Med27(1)22-27(2019)

5. Burn-related deaths: a 5 year single-center study on 160 cases
V. Pieptu, A. Mihai, R. Grecu, D. B. Iliescu, D. Azoicăi
Rom J Leg Med27(1)28-32(2019)

6. Difficulties and limits in forensic expertise of a fatal aircraft accident
C. Crisan, C. T. J. Pusta, G. Mihalache, S. Bungau, A. M. Maghiar, B. A. Buhas, A. S. Judea, A. A. Hlescu, C. L. Buhas,
Rom J Leg Med27(1)33-37(2019)

7. Sudden death of an infant with heterotaxy syndrome: an autopsy report
S. Takasu, S. Matsumoto, Y. Kanto, S. Kodama, K. Iwadate
Rom J Leg Med27(1)38-42(2019)

8. Fetal death from ruptured vasa previa: a tragic event in the ultrasonographic era
A. Petca, R. C. Petca, M. Zvanca, N. Maru, B. Mastalier, C. Dogaroiu,
Rom J Leg Med27(1)43-46(2019)

9. The assessment of the patient simulating a vestibular disorder
G. C. Musat, C. Sarafoleanu, O. Musat
Rom J Leg Med27(1)47-51(2019)

10. Risk factors for dental implant failure and medicolegal implications
R. Hainarosie, C. Pietrosanu, A. P. Cherecheanu, A. P. Stoian, C. D. Stefanescu, S. M. Pituru
Rom J Leg Med27(1)52-56(2019)

11. Ethical and legal aspects in periodontal disease diagnosis and therapy
I. Voinescu, D. Ferechide, C. M. Cristache, L. Burlibasa, M. Burlibasa
Rom J Leg Med27(1)57-64(2019)

12. Late-onset schizophrenia: diagnosis difficulties and legal implications
M. Bonea, C. A. Crişan, D. Ureche, D. B. Iliescu, L. P. Dumbravă
Rom J Leg Med27(1)69-72(2019)

13. Medical odonto-dental identification in telemedicine: forensic and ethical aspects
A. Kozma, H. Lăzărescu, O. M. Isailă, C. Popovici,
Rom J Leg Med27(1)73-77(2019)

14. Ethical issues related to dental bleaching
I. M. Gheorghiu, P. Perlea, A. N. Temelcea
Rom J Leg Med27(1)78-82(2019)

15. The exodus of labor force and the impact on the Romanian economy
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui, M. Socoliuc
Rom J Leg Med27(1)83-88(2019)

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