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Vol. 26 Issue 4 December 2018

1. Autophagy as a neuronal survival mechanism in ischemic stroke
B. I. Coculescu, G. Manole, E. C. Coculescu, E. Ionescu, O. Popoviciu, C. M. Stocheci
Rom J Leg Med26(4)333-339(2018)

2. From crime scene investigation to the identification of the cause of death: a muscle-popping case report
L. Spagnolo, Δ, G. Bertozzi, Δ, M. Ferrara, S. D. Simone, P. Ricci, M. Salerno, F. Maglietta, C. F. , §, F. Sessa, §
Rom J Leg Med26(4)340-343(2018)

3. Suicides in traffic road - an exceptional condition?
S. Tarka, M. Brzozowska, A. B. Solonynko, N. Chmura, ?. A. Poniatowski, M. Olczak,
Rom J Leg Med26(4)344-348(2018)

4. The medico-legal value of histopathological examination in hanging
D. P. Dumbravă, C. Rebeleanu, D. Ureche, O. Pop, D. B. Iliescu, C. C. Radu
Rom J Leg Med26(4)349-353(2018)

5. Immunohistochemistry as a tool to characterize human skin wounds of hanging marks
I. Legaz, M. P. Cárceles, M. Gimenez, F. M. Díaz, E. Osuna, A. Luna
Rom J Leg Med26(4)354-358(2018)

6. Comparison between ante-mortem and post-mortem Troponin T
P. S. Lai, S. M. Nur, S. Kunasilan, S. R. Nur, L. S. Khoo, H. b. S. Mohd
Rom J Leg Med26(4)359-362(2018)

7. Pulmonary artery aneurysm in a marfanoid adult patient with unoperated functional single ventricle and levo-transposition of the great arteries
F. Perde, C. G. Herghelegiu, A. G. Iosifescu, I. Crîngu, L. Luca, M. Dragu
Rom J Leg Med26(4)363-368(2018)

8. Fatal coronary artery dissection caused by a diagnostic coronary catheterization: a case report and review of literature
S. F. Iannaccone, D. Sopková, M. Dinič, D. Farkaš
Rom J Leg Med26(4)369-373(2018)

9. Gastrointestinal causes of death in the elderly: underestimated or not?
D. Tijana, A. Đorđe, M. Zoran, B. Milenko
Rom J Leg Med26(4)374-376(2018)

10. Sudden death due to pulmonary tumor microembolism in an unknown primary malignancy
S. Wang, L. Ren, W. Chen, Y. Shang, L. Yang, H. Xie
Rom J Leg Med26(4)377-381(2018)

11. Medicolegal analysis of lethal pulmonary thromboembolism in hospitalized patients: an autopsy-based study
J. Y. Na,
Rom J Leg Med26(4)382-386(2018)

12. Severe form of A1H1 influenza in a child - case presentation
G. Jugulete, M. M. Merișescu, A. E. Bastian, S. Zurac, S. M. Stoicescu, M. L. Luminos,
Rom J Leg Med26(4)387-391(2018)

13. The evaluation of forensic age estimation in obese children
M. S. Çelik, B. Büken, ?. Arslanoğlu, S. Bolu, M. A. Sungur
Rom J Leg Med26(4)392-396(2018)

14. Accuracy level of Haavikko’s dental age estimation method in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis
M. Singh, J. Sehrawat, V. Sharma
Rom J Leg Med26(4)397-402(2018)

15. Overview on the estimation of post mortem interval in forensic anthropology: review of the literature and practical experience
R. Ciaffi, A. Feola, E. Perfetti, S. Manciocchi, S. Potenza, G. L. Marella,
Rom J Leg Med26(4)403-411(2018)

16. Determination age and gender with developed a novel algorithm in image processing techniques by implementing to dental X-ray images
E. Avuçlu, F. Başçiftçi
Rom J Leg Med26(4)412-418(2018)

17. Oculo-sympathetic findings in cases of neck trauma. A systematic review
D. Marchetti, L. Boccardi, D. Biondo, F. Cittadini
Rom J Leg Med26(4)419-428(2018)

18. Preventing malpractice and medical litigation in digestive interventional endoscopy by the use of empirical models for the informed consent
E. Toader, G. G. Balan, G. Constantinescu, D. B. Iliescu
Rom J Leg Med26(4)429-436(2018)

19. What is not immediately written-down it is non-existent
S. Andjelic
Rom J Leg Med26(4)437-440(2018)

20. Nontraumatic upper and lower-extremity amputation, an incidence-based Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALY) approach
I. R. Toma, C. Precup, T. Olariu, V. Toma, I. Olariu, D. G. Negru, E. D. Popovici, M. Marian, C. F. Ifrim
Rom J Leg Med26(4)441-446(2018)

21. Qualitative study regarding the ethico-psychological implications on medically assisted human reproduction in Romania
M. A. Ungureanu, V. Astărăstoae,
Rom J Leg Med26(4)447-452(2018)

22. Population aging and the influence on healthcare spending
I. Hurjui, C. M. Hurjui
Rom J Leg Med26(4)453-456(2018)

23. The opinion of medical professionals working in emergency care units regarding family as a witness to cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
M. Iorga, B. G. Ioan, B. Hanganu, I. D. Muraru, A. A. Hleșcu
Rom J Leg Med26(4)457-462(2018)

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