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Vol. 21 Issue 4 December 2013

1. Aluminium phosphide fatal poisoning associated with a Brugada-like ECG pattern. Case presentation
A. S. Udriste, S. Dumitriu, M. Ceausu, D. Radu, C. O. Capatina
Rom J Leg Med21(4)249-252(2013)

2. Expression of antigens related to hypoxia, stress, and apoptosis in the myocardium after fatal carbon monoxide exposure
S. Morita, S. Furukawa, L. Wingenfeld, K. Nishi
Rom J Leg Med21(4)253-258(2013)

3. Application of trace element measurement for diagnosis of metabolic disorders
J. Kaminiwa, K. Honda, A. Kurosu, T. Nishi, Y. Sugano, S. Yano
Rom J Leg Med21(4)259-262(2013)

4. Autopsy diagnosis of decompression illness in rats by quantifying pulmonary emphysema
M. Fukasawa, Y. Ihama, K. Ninomiya, Y. Kawakami, T. Nagai, C. Fuke, T. Miyazaki
Rom J Leg Med21(4)263-270(2013)

5. Suicide in two patients with epilepsy and cystic degeneration areas of their brains
K. H. Dogan, S. Demirci, Z. F. Baba, B. Buken
Rom J Leg Med21(4)271-274(2013)

6. The role of stimulant designer drug consumption in three fatal cases in South-East Hungary in 2011
A. R. Tóth, K. Kovács, Z. Árok, T. Varga
Rom J Leg Med21(4)275-280(2013)

7. Usefulness of Fibronectin and P-selectin as markers for vital reaction in uncontrolled conditions
C. O. Capatina, M. Ceauşu, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med21(4)281-286(2013)

8. Breakage patterns in human cranial bones
F. Jordana, J. C. Parros, M. Bénézech
Rom J Leg Med21(4)287-292(2013)

9. Estimation of post-mortem interval for a drowning case by using flies (Diptera) in Central-South China: Implications for forensic entomology
L. Ying, C. Yaoqing, G. Yadong, Z. Lagabaiyila, L. Longjiang
Rom J Leg Med21(4)293-298(2013)

10. Value of the appearance of left hand wrist ossification centres to age estimation in Roma population
C. Dogaroiu, L. Hackman, E. Gherghe, E. Panaitescu, M. Avramoiu
Rom J Leg Med21(4)299-304(2013)

11. Sex determination in Romanian mandible using discriminant function analysis: Comparative results of a time-efficient method
M. Marinescu, V. Panaitescu, M. Rosu
Rom J Leg Med21(4)305-308(2013)

12. Paradigm of aqueducts in the structure of human encephalon. Implications in pathology
G. S. Dragoi, P. R. Melinte, I. Dinca, M. M. Botoran
Rom J Leg Med21(4)309-320(2013)

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