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Vol. 21 Issue 3 September 2013

1. A traffic accident resulting in a degloving injury of the passenger: Case report and biomechanical theory
L. Gitto, A. Maiese, G. Bolino
Rom J Leg Med21(3)165-168(2013)

2. Possible death mechanisms other than respiratory asphyxia in a suicidal hanging case
M. Arslan, D. Melez, H. Gulbeyaz, B. Hosukler, B. Sam, S. Koc
Rom J Leg Med21(3)169-172(2013)

3. Medicolegal aspects of surgical diathermy burns: A case report and review of the literature
S. Demircin, F. Aslan, Y. Karagoz, M. Atilgan
Rom J Leg Med21(3)173-176(2013)

4. Third trimester intrauterine fetal death caused by complex cord entanglement
M. Grigore, D. Scripcaru
Rom J Leg Med21(3)177-180(2013)

5. Death connected to paralytic ileus due to the intake of antipsychotic drugs. Case report
M. Cicconi, T. Mangiulli, G. Bolino
Rom J Leg Med21(3)181-184(2013)

6. Death caused by hemolytic-uremic syndrome. Case series
M. Balgradean, M. Ceausu, E. Cinteza, F. Filipoiu, S. Hostiuc, V. Jinga, S. Dana
Rom J Leg Med21(3)185-192(2013)

7. Statistical profile of suicide attempts
O. Cornutiu
Rom J Leg Med21(3)193-196(2013)

8. Depression screening and risk profile in diabetic patients
M. Culman, C. Guja, A. Mihai, C. Serafinceanu
Rom J Leg Med21(3)197-200(2013)

9. Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome. Multidisciplinary approach - genetic, endocrinological, surgical, psychological, psychiatric, social, ethical and forensic
R. Spataru, G. Costea, L. Spiridon, C. Procopiuc, N. Dumitriu, D. G. Sirbu, A. Sirbu, M. Ivanov, I. Dan
Rom J Leg Med21(3)201-206(2013)

10. Thoracic aorta dissection - assessment of aortic adventitia involvement
M. Popescu, D. Butcovan, R. Folescu, A. Motoc, C. Zamfir
Rom J Leg Med21(3)207-214(2013)

11. Medical-legal identification methods with the aid of cheiloscopy
M. F. Popa, C. Stefanescu, P. Corici
Rom J Leg Med21(3)215-218(2013)

12. Difference in the expression of CIRBP, RBM3 and HSP70 in the myocardium and cerebellum after death by hypothermia and carbon monoxide poisoning
S. Morita, S. Furukawa, L. Wingenfeld, W. Matsuda, K. Nishi
Rom J Leg Med21(3)219-224(2013)

13. Applied Gestaltism for the study and evaluation of structures inside Subcortical Neuronal System
G. Dragoi, P. Melinte, L. Radu, O. Buda
Rom J Leg Med21(3)225-236(2013)

14. Usefulness of intratracheal gas analysis in an autopsy case of helium inhalation
N. Tanaka, H. Kinoshita, M. Jamal, M. Kumihashi, T. Tobiume, K. Tsutsui, K. Ameno
Rom J Leg Med21(3)237-238(2013)

15. Carboxyhemoglobin stability evaluation in stored and heattreated biological samples
C. Muresan, I. Talos, V. Sturz, A. Enache
Rom J Leg Med21(3)239-244(2013)

16. Non-CODIS DNA markers could be more effective than CODISbased STRs in problematic biological relationship cases
C. Tsai, C. Yang, S. Chou, S. Cheng, C. Pai
Rom J Leg Med21(3)245-248(2013)

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