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Vol. 20 Issue 1 March 2012

1. An immunohistochemical study of pulmonary surfactant apoprotein A (SP-A) in forensic autopsy materials
C. P. Campobasso, M. F. Colonna, F. Zotti, S. Sblano, A. S. Dell’Erba
Rom J Leg Med20(1)1-12(2012)

2. Duration dependent effect of intravenous heroin intake on morphological changes in the liver
G. Ilić, R. Karadžić, L. Kostić-Banović, A. Antović
Rom J Leg Med20(1)13-18(2012)

3. Anatomic markers for the retrospective and prospective evaluation of pathology involving the feto - placental and utero - placental circulatory systems inside human placenta.
D. Zimta, P. R. Melinte, I. Dinca, G. S. Dragoi
Rom J Leg Med20(1)19-32(2012)

4. Fatal asphyxia by complete laryngeal obstruction due to chewing-gum aspiration in an adult woman.
Nunziata Barbera, V. Arcifa, V. Valenti, G. Spadaro, S. Tomasello, G. Romano
Rom J Leg Med20(1)33-36(2012)

5. Deaths in custody in Romania.
A. Lupu, V. Panaitescu, M. Rosu, L. Stefan
Rom J Leg Med20(1)37-40(2012)

6. Predictive role of hand and foot dimensions in stature estimation
A. Ozaslan, B. Karadayi, M. O. Kolusayin, A. Kaya, H. Afsin
Rom J Leg Med20(1)41-46(2012)

7. The quantification of dental trauma in clinical medical-legal practice.
A. V. Costea, A. Byraki, I. Ionita, M. C. Rusu, S. Hostiuc, F. V. Perde, G. C. Curca
Rom J Leg Med20(1)47-50(2012)

8. Challenging DNA samples solved with MiniSTR analysis.
C. M. Constantinescu, L. E. Barbarii, C. B. Iancu, A. Constantinescu, E. Neagu, D. Iancu, G. Girbea
Rom J Leg Med20(1)51-56(2012)

9. The distribution of Doxepin and Sulpiride in a human poisoning death
Z. Wei, K. Xiao, M. Wu, L. Liu, K. Yun, Y. Wang1, Y. Lu
Rom J Leg Med20(1)57-60(2012)

10. Study regarding drugs in blood with ELISA and chemiluminiscence versus ELISA with spectrophotometric detection
D. Radu, F. Aciu, C. Constantin, I. Leauta, D. Dermengiu, S. Hostiuc, G. S. Gorun, G. C. Curca
Rom J Leg Med20(1)61-64(2012)

11. Frequency and related factors of exposure to violence of women in the southwest of Turkey
E. Uskun, T. Nayir, A. N. Kisioglu
Rom J Leg Med20(1)65-72(2012)

12. Cultural patterns in personality differences between child molesters and general population
J. A. Becerra-García, A. García-León, V. Egan
Rom J Leg Med20(1)73-76(2012)

13. Using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in assessing moral damages
A. Nanu, D. Georgescu, D. Bulgaru, M. Berteanu, C. Radulescu
Rom J Leg Med20(1)77-82(2012)

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