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Vol. 19 Issue 4 December 2011

1. Non-diagnosed primary malignant cardiac tumor as a cause of sudden death in a 52-year-old man. A case report with medico-legal implications
Y. Guo, J. Cai, F. Xiong, L. Zhang, P. Guan, J. Wen
Rom J Leg Med19(4)233-236(2011)

2. Villous Cytotrophoblast Turnover. Implications In Forensic Ortology And Pathology Of Gestation
M. M. El Din Mohamed, P. R. Melinte, D. Zimta, G. S. Dragoi
Rom J Leg Med19(4)237-244(2011)

3. Multiple myocardial abscess caused by septicopyemia after blocking therapy in the knee: a rare presentation
Y. Zhu, J. Li, Y. Liu, D. Liu, P. Zhao, Y. Li, H. Tang, A. Huang, R. Tang
Rom J Leg Med19(4)245-248(2011)

4. Accidental strangulation resulted from hypoxyphilia associated with multiple paraphilias and substance abuse: a psychological autopsy case report
O. Skugarevsky, E. Ehrlich, S. Sheleg
Rom J Leg Med19(4)249-252(2011)

5. The significance of external body examination during crime scene investigation
J. Sidlo, A. Zummerova, J. Sikuta, L. Mikulas, R. Kuruc, N. Moravansky
Rom J Leg Med19(4)253-258(2011)

6. The reduction of glycogen in the liver induced by chronic intravenous heroin abuse
G. Ilić, R. Karadžić, L. Kostić-Banović, A. Antović, M. Milić, I. Stojanović
Rom J Leg Med19(4)259-264(2011)

7. Comparison of cartilage sources and methods for the ex-vivo determination of chondrocyte viability
A. Alibegović, D. Petrovič, N. K. Velikonja, J. Balažic, M. Drobnič
Rom J Leg Med19(4)265-270(2011)

8. Assessment of the Degree of Coronary Stenosis Based on Forensic Pathological Autopsy
Y. Ke, J. Ma, Z. Y. Wang
Rom J Leg Med19(4)271-276(2011)

9. Pathomimesis: psychiatric and medico-legal interference in dermatology
M. A. Popescu, D.-J. Diaconu, R. Vicu, S. Vasile, M. Geantă, M. M. Mîinea
Rom J Leg Med19(4)277-282(2011)

10. Boerhaave syndrome. A case report
L. Hecser, K. P. Siklodi, G. Csiki, M. F. Lungu, H. Jung, O. Buda
Rom J Leg Med19(4)283-286(2011)

11. Fatal child abuse-maltreatment syndrome; a case report
R. Akçan, M. M. Arslan, M. Kaliszan, G. Batuk
Rom J Leg Med19(4)287-290(2011)

12. The problems of a medical expert’s testimony reliability assessment in medical malpractice cases
S. Zakharov
Rom J Leg Med19(4)291-294(2011)

13. Does a childhood abuse history influence choice of the sex of victims of sex aggressors?
J. A. Becerra-García, A. G. León
Rom J Leg Med19(4)295-298(2011)

14. Forensic psychiatric evaluation of sexual offence victims
H. Jung, M. Ardelean
Rom J Leg Med19(4)299-302(2011)

15. Thrombosis of aberrant right subclavian artery co-existing with infarction of left cerebellar hemisphere: Case report
I. Stojanović, G. Ilić, R. Karadžić, A. Antović, M. Milić
Rom J Leg Med19(4)303-305(2011)

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