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Vol. 19 Issue 3 September 2011

1. Post-traumatic Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome description and case presentation
A. Knieling, R. Dobrin, S. Damian, L. Knieling, B. Ioan
Rom J Leg Med19(3)157-160(2011)

2. Suicidal cut-throat and stab fatalities: three case reports
B. Solarino, C. T. Buschmann, M. Tsokos
Rom J Leg Med19(3)161-166(2011)

3. Are anogenital verrucae signs of sexual abuse?
H. M. Ozdemir, A. T. Ergonen, I. C. Ozgur, B. Baykara, Y. Ozturk
Rom J Leg Med19(3)167-170(2011)

4. Stature estimation from bi-acromial and bi-iliocristal measurements
A. Ozaslan, B. Karadayi, M. O. Kolusayin, A. Kaya
Rom J Leg Med19(3)171-176(2011)

5. A comparison of the provisional clinical diagnosis of death with autopsy findings
T. Vougiouklakis, K. Fragkouli, A. Mitselou, V. Boumba
Rom J Leg Med19(3)177-182(2011)

6. Infectious risks in autopsy practice
S. Hostiuc, G. C. Curca, M. Ceausu, M. C. Rusu, E. Niculescu, D. Dermengiu
Rom J Leg Med19(3)183-188(2011)

7. Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy - cause of sudden death in young people
D. Butcovan, C. Amalinei, C. Grigoriu
Rom J Leg Med19(3)189-194(2011)

8. Antiobesity drugs-induced melanosis coli
S. Furukawa, A. Takaya, T. Nakagawa, I. Sakaguchi, K. Nishi
Rom J Leg Med19(3)195-196(2011)

9. The structural heterogeneity of chorial villi phenotype determined by angiogenesis. Implications in legal pathology
G. S. Dragoi, P. R. Melinte, D. Zimta, M. E. D. Mohamed
Rom J Leg Med19(3)197-210(2011)

10. Identification of forensically significant beetles (Coleoptera: Staphylinoidae) based on COI gene in China
J. Cai, J. Wen, Y. Chang, F. Meng, Y. Guo, L. Yang, L. Liang
Rom J Leg Med19(3)211-218(2011)

11. Analysis of MTCOI and MTCYB Sequence Variations in Eight Population Groups Living in Taiwan
H. Hwa, C. Lin, T. Ko, H. Yin, L. Tseng, Y. Su, J. Chun-I Lee
Rom J Leg Med19(3)219-228(2011)

12. Drugs of abuse identified in the National Institute of Legal Medicine Mina Minovici Bucharest 2010
D. Dermengiu, D. Radu, F. Aciu, A. Broscauceanu, L. Sereteanu, G. Gorun, G. C. Curca, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med19(3)229-232(2011)

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