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Vol. 19 Issue 2 June 2011

1. Right ventricular cardiac myxoma. Histopathology diagnosis in forensic autopsy case
L. Hecser, K. P. Siklodi, D. Matei, H. Jung, G. Csiki
Rom J Leg Med19(2)79-82(2011)

2. Pathology and immunopathology of the lung in sepsis
S. Hostiuc; D. Dermengiu; M. Ceaușu; M. C. Rusu; G. C. Curcă
Rom J Leg Med19(2)83-88(2011)

3. Myocardial damage in heroin abuse: immunohistochemical investigations with LCA, CD68, and CD45R0
G. Ilic, J. Gligorijevic, R. Karadzic, A. Antovic, L. Kostic-Banović, J. Stojanovic, M. Milic
Rom J Leg Med19(2)89-94(2011)

4. Rapidly fatal necrotizing fasciitis: report of three cases
R. Karadzic, G. Ilic, A. Antovic, L. Kostic-Banovic, M. Milic, M. Dinic
Rom J Leg Med19(2)93-100(2011)

5. Homicide by a rifled shotgun slug: unconventional ballistics
L. Sharma, P.K. Paliwal
Rom J Leg Med19(2)101-106(2011)

6. Death caused by undiagnosed primary intracranial neoplasmas - an autopsy study
L. Bogdanovic, S. Savic, G. Basta-Jovanovic, S. Radojevic-Skodrić, J. Bogdanovic
Rom J Leg Med19(2)107-110(2011)

7. The evolution of the morphology and structure of the mandible and temporo - mandibulary joint. Medico legal identification criteria
G. Lupu, D. Popescu, V. Pănuş, G. Popescu, L. Stan-Sion, G. Petre
Rom J Leg Med19(2)111-114(2011)

8. Estimation of child’s biological age based on tooth development
A. E. Ogodescu, E. Bratu, A. Tudor, A. Ogodescu
Rom J Leg Med19(2)115-124(2011)

9. The significance of the evaluation of pupils’ physical development by somatic bio phenotyping
G. Dragoi, C.M. Iacob, R.P. Melinte
Rom J Leg Med19(2)125-132(2011)

10. Considerations on an algorithm for evaluation of somatic phenotype transformations determined by the nutritional status of vulnerable populations
C.M. Iacob, G. Dragoi, R.P. Melinte
Rom J Leg Med19(2)133-134(2011)

11. Post-traumatic stress disorder in children. Overview and case study
S.I. Damian, A. Knieling, B.G. Ioan
Rom J Leg Med19(2)135-140(2011)

12. Human case and an experimental study of postmortem distribution of lidocaine by intravenous drip
Z.-W. Wei, H.P. Zhang, K.M. Yun, Y.J. Wang
Rom J Leg Med19(2)141-144(2011)

13. High-throughput toxicological analysis of propofol in human whole blood by LC-MS
L. Vlase, D.S. Popa, C. Siserman, D. Zaharia
Rom J Leg Med19(2)145-150(2011)

14. Typical and atypical psyhotropic substances detected during July 2009 - March 2011 in the Forensic Department of Sibiu County
S. Morar, I. Peteanu, C. Nicolau, N. Olariu
Rom J Leg Med19(2)151-156(2011)

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