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Vol. 19 Issue 1 March 2011

1. Cardiac lesions associated with cardiopulmonary resuscitation
G. C. Curcă, D. Dermengiu, M. Ceaușu, A. Francisc, M. C. Rusu, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med19(1)1-6(2011)

2. The synchronism and the signification of phenotype changes inside the isogenic structures from human endometrium. Implications in pathology
G. S. Drăgoi, P. R. Melinte, M. E. D. Mohamed, I. Dincă
Rom J Leg Med19(1)7-16(2011)

3. Sudden death due to aortic dissection in pregnancy: case report
F. Ventura, M. C. Landolfa, F. Portunato, F. D. Stefano
Rom J Leg Med19(1)17-22(2011)

4. Is fibrosis a marker for angiotensin pathway involvement in sudden cardiac death?
I. Vovolis, M. Ceaușu, E. Glavan, V. Dobrescu
Rom J Leg Med19(1)23-26(2011)

5. Amyloidosis, change in macrophage number, and dysplasia in the liver of intravenous heroin users
G. Ilic, R. Karadzic, L. Kostic-Banovic, A. Antovic
Rom J Leg Med19(1)27-32(2011)

6. Microbiological detection of bacteria and fungi in the autopsy room
E. Sonmez, H. M. Ozdemir, E. M. Cem, Y. Sonmez, S. Salacin, Ö. C. İsmail, F. Sen
Rom J Leg Med19(1)33-44(2011)

7. Determination of Tramadol by Capillary GC-FID and a study of postmortem distribution in rats
M. Liang, N. Zheng, C. Xiangyang, L. Liang, L. Yan, J. Ming
Rom J Leg Med19(1)45-50(2011)

8. Human case and an experimental study of postmortem distribution of lidocaine by intravenous drip
W. Zhiwen, Z. Heping, Y. Keming, Y. Wang
Rom J Leg Med19(1)51-54(2011)

9. Application of Aldrichina grahami (Diptera, Calliphoridae) for forensic investigation in central-south China
G. Yadong, C. Jifeng, T. Zhenchu, F. Xiong, L. Zhang, Y. Fu, L. Jianbo, C. Yaoqing, M. Fanming, W. Jifang
Rom J Leg Med19(1)55-58(2011)

10. The assessment of expert testimony relevance and admissibility in medical malpractice cases in the Czech Republic. Can American judicial practice help us?
Sergey Zakharov
Rom J Leg Med19(1)59-68(2011)

11. Medical and social implications of suicide in youth. Holistic study of cases in Bihor county 2007 - 2009
G. Mihalache, C. Buhaş, D. Rahotă
Rom J Leg Med19(1)69-72(2011)

12. "Legal highs" in Romania: historical and present facts
G. Gorun, G. C. Curc─â, S. Hostiuc, O. Buda
Rom J Leg Med19(1)73-76(2011)

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