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Vol. 18 Issue 4 December 2010

1. Morphological diagnosis of hyperthermia-related deaths
M. Ceausu, S. Hostiuc, D. Dermengiu, G. C. Curcă
Rom J Leg Med18(4)239-246(2010)

2. Autolytic ultrastructural changes in rat and human hepatocytes
R. Karadžić, G. Ilić, A. Antović, L. K. Banović
Rom J Leg Med18(4)247-252(2010)

3. A new structural concept in the organization of placenta mesenchyme. “Allanto-Chorionic Parangium” and “Chorio-Villous Mesangium” as a Location for Mesenchyme Stromal Cells inside Human Placenta. Anatomic, Functional and Forensic Implications
G. S. Drăgoi, R. P. Melinte, I. Dincă, D. Zimsa, M. M. El Din Mohamed
Rom J Leg Med18(4)253-264(2010)

4. Volatile congeners in alcoholic beverages: analysis and forensic significance
A. Jung, H. Jung, V. Auwärter, S. Pollak, A. M. Fárr, L. Hecser, A. Schiopu
Rom J Leg Med18(4)265-270(2010)

5. Toxicological drivers issues in “legal highs” use
G. Gorun, D. Dermengiu, G. C. Curca, S. Hostiuc, B. Ioan, V. Luta
Rom J Leg Med18(4)271-278(2010)

6. Malpractice claims associated with infectious causes
E Vasalos, A Salem, S Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med18(4)279-282(2010)

7. A contributory diagnosis of drowning in putrefactive corpses using the electric impedance spectroscopy
M. Shiwei, F. Feng, X. Dong, R. R. Seese, Z. Wang
Rom J Leg Med18(4)283-288(2010)

8. Assessement and management of violence risk in Forensic Psychiatry
M. Mosescu, R. Chirita, M. Dragu, V. Chirita
Rom J Leg Med18(4)289-294(2010)

9. Alcohol outlets near schools in a midsize Romanian city. Prevalence and characteristics
J. J. Van Hoof, L. M. J. Reijlink, W. E. Van Dalen
Rom J Leg Med18(4)295-300(2010)

10. Semi-structured approach for a specific decision-making capacity assessment
L. Ghebaur, S. Dragomirescu
Rom J Leg Med18(4)301-308(2010)

11. Determinant Factors of Cardiovascular Mortality in Type 2 Diabetic Patients: literature review
G. Botnariu, D. Bulgaru-Iliescu
Rom J Leg Med18(4)309-314(2010)

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