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Vol. 18 Issue 1 March 2010

1. Sudden death associated with borderline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and multiple coronary anomalies. Case report and literature review
D. Dermengiu, M. Ceausu, M.C. Rusu, S. Dermengiu, G.C. Curca, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med18(1)3-12(2010)

2. Cardiac sarcoidosis - a possible cause of death. Case report
D. Butcovan, L. Stoica, C. Ungureanu, G. Tinica
Rom J Leg Med18(1)13-16(2010)

3. Stem cell–like cytotrophoblast as an epigenetic inductor in human embryo hemiallograft. Forensic and anatomic signification of phenotype transformation inside fetus membranes
G.S. Dragoi, P.R. Melinte, I. Dinca, G. Silca, L. Radu, C. Diaconu
Rom J Leg Med18(1)17-24(2010)

4. Fahr's disease: bilateral symmetrical striopallidodentate calcification
L. Hecser, L. Croitorescu, D. Biris, K. Palfi Siklodi, H. Jung
Rom J Leg Med18(1)25-26(2010)

5. Risk factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Romanian population
D. Liaropoulos, V. Belis, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med18(1)27-30(2010)

6. Posttraumatic Morel-Lavallée seroma – clinic and forensic implications
V. Luta, A. Enache, C. Costea
Rom J Leg Med18(1)31-36(2010)

7. Medico-legal implications of respiratory disorders during sleep
D. Boisteanu, A. Mita-Baciu, R. Vasiluta
Rom J Leg Med18(1)37-42(2010)

8. The availability of 16SrDNA gene for identifying forensically important blowflies in China
W. Xinghua, C. Jifeng, G. Yadong, C. Yunfeng, W. Kunlu, L. Qinlai, W. Jiangfeng, Y. Li, L. Lingmei, Z. Ming, W. Xiang, C.Y. Song, L. Yuan, C. Yaoqing, L. Jianbo, Z. Jinguo, X. Peng
Rom J Leg Med18(1)43-50(2010)

9. Haplotype analysis of 8 Y-STR loci in the Antalya population
D. Sema, T. Serdar
Rom J Leg Med18(1)51-58(2010)

10. Genetic data for 15 STR loci in Uygur ethnic group of northwest China
L. Dong, X.X. Liu, H.H. Zhang, R. Bo, G. Wei, L.S. Zhang
Rom J Leg Med18(1)59-62(2010)

11. Evaluation of glycosylated hemoglobin and glycolsylated albumin levels in forensic autopsies
A.T. Ergonen, I.O. Can, H.M. Ozdemir, E. Sonmez, T. Kume, S. Salacin, F. Ergonen, B. Onvural, F. Sen
Rom J Leg Med18(1)63-68(2010)

12. Psychoactive Drug Related Traumatic Deaths in Istanbul between 1990-2000
S. Toprak, B. Sam, E. Akgul, C. Silan, E. Baysal
Rom J Leg Med18(1)69-74(2010)

13. Virtopsy - an alternative to the conventional autopsy
D. Perju-Dumbrava, S. Anitan, C. Siserman, I. Fulga, I. Opincaru
Rom J Leg Med18(1)75-78(2010)

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