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Rom J Leg Med31(2)159-165(2023)
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V. Coviltir, P. F. Curcă, C. M. Cristache, M. G. Burcel

Abstract: Introduction. The purpose of this review is to identify the ethical considerations associated with the assessment, diagnosis, and management of childhood glaucoma, also known as pediatric glaucoma. This condition, characterized by a diverse range of disorders affecting the eye’s anterior segment, can lead to blindness. However, it is treatable if recognized, diagnosed, and treated efficiently in a timely manner.
Methods. To gather information, a comprehensive literature search was conducted on databases and professional websites for clinical practice guidelines related to pediatric glaucoma published in English.
Results. The search using the term “pediatric glaucoma” yielded varied results across different databases. However, when the keyword “ethic” was combined with “pediatric glaucoma,” 21 results were obtained from PubMed, 3 from Web of Sciences, and 6 from Elsevier (SCOPUS). After removing duplicates and reviewing titles and abstracts, twenty-five papers were selected and analyzed. The review addressed the significant challenges associated with the diagnosis and clinical management of this group of conditions that affect a vulnerable population—children and young adults. The ethical principles outlined by Beauchamp and Childress, upon which physicians base their clinical practice, were utilized.
Conclusions. This review has raised several questions, some of which are still awaiting answers. Future directions are anticipated to focus on minimizing the side effects of management, improving visual prognosis, and enhancing the quality of life for pediatric glaucoma patients. Effective communication between the healthcare team and parents or legal guardians of the children is crucial for a successful approach to this chronic condition.
Keywords: childhood glaucoma, congenital glaucoma, medical treatment, surgical treatment, ethics.

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