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Rom J Leg Med30(2)143-148(2022)
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R. V. Voroneanu-Popa, R. Constantinescu, V. Ciocan, M. Laz─âr, B. G. Ioan,

Abstract: Introduction. Malpractice insurance - professional liability insurance - is a subject of interest in both the medical and legal areas. It has a dual protective role: for the practitioner and for the patient. Our study aimed to analyse the legal provisions in Romania on medical malpractice and malpractice insurance and how they are reflected in insurance contracts.
Materials and methods. Six professional liability insurance contracts for medical specialties offered by insurance companies operating on the Romanian market were analysed for the proposed study.
Results. The legislation governing the medical field stipulates that malpractice insurance is mandatory, but insurance companies only cover certain damages and the contracts analysed have different clauses.
Conclusions. The different clauses in insurance contracts can make it difficult for the doctor if he or she does not have sufficient knowledge. The medical system needs to be shaped by legal provisions that outline a well-defined legal framework so that potential problematic situations are covered by law.
Keywords: malpractice, medicine, insurance, protection, damage.

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