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Rom J Leg Med28(3)339-347(2020)
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M. Iorga, I. D. Muraru, B. Hanganu, I. S. Manoilescu, A. Popa, B. G. Ioan

Abstract: Aim. Identify the presence of burnout syndrome among autopsy technicians working in Pathology and Forensic Pathology departments whilst relating the level of burnout subdomains with job satisfaction and alexithymia.
Material and methods. A self-administered questionnaire was created specifically for this research collecting socio- demographic data and job-related information. Also, three psychological instruments were applied to evaluate burnout syndrome, satisfaction with work and alexithymia: Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), Job Satisfaction Scale and Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS). Statistical analysis of data was performed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21.
Results. A number of 26 autopsy technicians were included in the study with a mean (M) work experience of 16.39 ± 11.33 years. Low levels of burnout were identified for two of the subdomains emotional exhaustion and depersonalization; 28.6% of participants had low scores for personal-accomplishment subscale, 14.3% had moderate scores, and 57.1% had high scores and displayed high levels of job satisfaction. Most participants (77.3%) did not have alexithymia. Subjects who were confronted with critical events scored higher on alexithymia. 80% of the subjects consider that working with child victims disturb them the most. Subjects who faced events with a high emotional impact had higher scores on alexithymia compared to those who did not (M=33.20): t(20)=2.426, p=.025.
Conclusions. Facing events with children as victims determine autopsy technicians to be more prone to present higher scores on TAS. None of the participants contacted a specialist to face critical events or to find coping strategies coordinated by a specialist in case of job-related stress. Results related to alexithymia are important for both medical professionals and trainers to focus on the impact of various job-related events on alexithymia.
Keywords: autopsy technicians, pathology, forensic pathology, personality traits, burnout, alexithymia, job satisfaction

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