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Rom J Leg Med28(3)294-298(2020)
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M. G. Dabija, S. Nechifor, V. A. Dabija, C. D. Ștefănescu, R. Hainăroșie, C. Pietroșanu, C. Toader, A. Rusescu, E. O. Amza, O. D. Palade

Abstract: Frontal sinus fractures are one of the most devastating lesions that can occr after a high energy impact trauma. They are the expression of a severe cerebral trauma and in almost all the cases there are medical-legal implications. There is limited data, in Romania, regarding their management. Therefore, we attempt in this retrospective study to report our experience, following a 5-year period (2014-2019), in their treatment. Epidemiological and etiological data is exposed compared to the literature. We strongly think that a uniform treatment strategy of treatment, made by a multidisciplinary team, is mandatory.
Keywords: frontal sinus, fractures, trauma management

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