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Rom J Leg Med20(3)223-228(2012)
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A comparison of the HLA database of the Romanian population with the Balkan populations

L. Matei, E. Panaitescu, C. Dogăroiu

Abstract: The antigens of the HLA system represent a distinctive marker in identifying racial and population groups by means of an anthropological and relational characterization. Building a database is beneficial to forensic identification, to implement transplant programs and to determine a predisposition to certain illnesses. We performed the HLA class I serotyping on the antigens on HLA A and HLA B loci for 1250 unrelated individuals from the Romanian population; based on this we calculated the allelic frequency. The most frequent antigen on the HLA A locus was HLA A2, and on the HLA B locus was HLA B35. We subsequently compared the results we obtained for the Romanian population with similar data from several Balkan populations.
Keywords: serotyping, HLA antigens, allelic frequency, unrelated individuals, Balkan populations.

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