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Rom J Leg Med20(3)215-218(2012)
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Craniofacial trauma produced by a violent mechanismColtea ENT Clinic experience

I. Anghel, A. G. Anghel, C. C. Soreanu, M. Dumitru

Abstract: Introduction: The utility of the study is due to the relatively high frequency of traumatic pathology in ENT practice. Facial, cervical and otic trauma may occur at any age. Materials and methods: The study is retrospective and includes a group of 317 patients who were treated for ENT trauma (craniofacial, neck and ear trauma) in the emergency room of Coltea Hospital. Results: The group is composed of 64.35% males and 35.65% women, 86.12% (273) patients are from urban areas and the remaining 13.88% (44) from rural areas. The average age is 33.84 years. Most common etiology is human aggression (90.85%). The most common fracture was nasal fracture without displacement. Discussions and Conclusions: The most common patients are young adults, male and from urban areas. Patients most commonly present with cranio-facial trauma (82.97%) and most common mechanism is human aggression (90.85%). About half of patients experience posttraumatic epistaxis previously.
Keywords: craniofacial trauma, epidemiology, production mechanism, associated injuries.

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