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Rom J Leg Med20(3)185-190(2012)
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Immunophenotypical expression of adhesion molecules in vital reaction

C. O. Capatina, M. Ceausu, C. G. Curca, D. D. Tabirca, S. Hostiuc

Abstract: The vital reaction is defined as the response of a living organism to a trauma, response that does not theoretically appear when the traumatic agent exerts its action after death. Even though in legal medicine practice hematic extravasation is considered a vital sign, in scientific literature the possibility of its appearance immediately after death has been described. We report a case in which we attempted to explore whether immunohistochemistry can be useful in addition to usual clasic microscopy staining methods in order to distinguish between ante and postmortem injuries. We have analysed the presence and distribution of fibronectin, P–selectin and tenascin within the traumatic lesions of a newborn child found dead with limb amputations caused by dog bites.
Keywords: P-selectin; tenascin; fibronectin; vital reaction.

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