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The peer-reviewed Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine is published quarterly by the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine, Sos. Vitan-Birzesti 9, Bucharest 042122, Romania, and is the official publication of the Society.


The submission of the article on RJLM website is free.
To begin with no. 1/2019 Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine
will charge a publication fee for each article. The amount is 300
EURO, VAT 0%. The publication fee will be directed to the first author.
Payment in LEI RON (Romanian currency) is also possible (equivalent
rates at the current exchange rate) and is designated for internal
payments (Romanian authors). The payment in Euro is designated to
external payments (abroad authors).
A message will be communicate to the corresponding author
as the article is accepted, accepted with modifications or rejected.
After the article is (finally) accepted an invoice for the publication
fee will be addressed by Email. If the payment rely upon an
institution, society, project, etc. please communicate (journal@ and remember to make the appropriate notice to
When making the payment (first author, sponsorship institution,
etc.) please include the order number listed in the invoice.

Authors are asked to send by Email the payment document
(.jpeg/.pdf) as a confirmation to Please refer
in the Subject area at the payment reference number specified in
the invoice (order number listed in the invoice.). Upon receiving
the payment confirmation from the bank, a publication reference
number will be issued by the Journal and communicate. Please refer
in any correspondence ( concerning the status
of the publication to this publication reference number.
The above publication fee per article covers all costs regarding
the article`s editing, correction, electronic publication and
distribution to the first author (or paying institution). For every extra
hard copy there will be an extra fee of 25 E/USD for any author which
include distribution.
RJLM as an IF Journal remains a full open access Journal, no
taxes are needed to search and look for any article.
Article copyright is as previously transferred to RJLM.
RJLM has peer-reviewed academic journal articles.
RJLM is the official Journal of the Romanian Legal Medicine
Society (RLMS).
Therefore, first authors which are active members of RLMS
(current membership subscription without arrears) are waived from
any publication charges or fees. Honorary members of the RLMS are
also waived from any publication charges or fees.
Romanian authors non-members of the Romanian Legal
Medicine Society and international authors non-members of the
Romanian Legal Medicine Society has the same obligations regarding
the publication fee.
Send your publication fee in favor of the Romanian Society of
Legal Medicine at the address:
Societatea Romana de Medicina Legala din Romania
Banca Comerciala Romana S.A., Bucuresti - Sector 4 / ROMANIA,
Bulevardul Unirii nr. 63, bl. F4
Account Numbers (IBAN codes):
EURO (€): RO22RNCB0075035223350009
LEI (RON): RO44RNCB0075035223350001


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