Letter from the editor-in-chief

Cristian CurcaIt is our intention that the Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine should reflect all forensic and legal medicine specialties (forensic medicine and pathology, clinical legal medicine, forensic serology and genetics, forensic toxicology, forensic psychiatry, forensic anthropology, identification, mass disasters, etc.), and many other topics such as investigation and causes of death, suicide, death in custody, torture, prejudice evaluation, child abuse and interpersonal violence, domestic violence, casualty, professional decision making, malpractice issues, medical ethics, research ethics, consent, confidentiality, patient-doctor relationship issues, euthanasia, human rights, etc.
Legal medicine has scientific connections with many other medical specialties, such as cardiology, ophthalmology, surgery, pathology, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, etc., either due to the need to determine the cause of death or triggered by professional litigation claims. Our Journal targets specialists in forensic medicine and forensic science, legal medicine and different medical and law specialties, including ethicists and defenders of human rights.
The scientific legacy received from our professors, the daily realities of our specialty and the requests from the justice system, all these challenge us to carry on as a chronicler of legal medicine in our country and as a forum for forensic scientists, scientific debates, case presentations and reviews, by bringing together a professional community of ideas and experiences.
The world of forensic science, forensic medicine, legal medicine and technology is a different place today than 10 years ago, not to mention 100 years ago.
However, the spirit is still the same, and the Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine can be looked upon as a scientific symbol of our tradition, hopes and ideals, such as justice, scientific truth, the protection of vulnerable persons and human rights.
Sharing your important and interesting work with us and our Journal and lecturing or citing ideas and data collected from the RJLM will be the positive feedback we hope to receive from you!
Best wishes,

professor George Cristian Curca, MD, Ph.D.

Director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine Mina Minovici Bucharest
Chief of the Legal Medicine and Bioethics Chair, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest
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