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Vol 21 Issue 1 March 2013

1. Myocardial infarction in an individual with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
D. Butcovan
Rom J Leg Med21(1)1-4(2013)

2. Ruptured splenic artery aneurysm in the 35th week of pregnancy. Medical error or bad luck? Case report
I. Stojanovic, M. Milic, G. Ilic, A. Antovic, S. Todorovic, M. Trandafilovic
Rom J Leg Med21(1)5-8(2013)

3. Suicidal ligature strangulation without an auxiliary mechanism. Reports of two cases with a cotton rope or a T-shirt and staining results of the brains using anti HSP-70, CIRBP, RBM3, HIF1-alpha, SIRT 1 and p53 antibodies
S. Furukawa, I. Sakaguchi, S. Morita, T. Nakagawa, A. Takaya, L. Wingenfeld, K. Nishi
Rom J Leg Med21(1)9-14(2013)

4. Intraoperative death due to nodular amyloidosis cardiomyopathy associated with fat pulmonary embolism
M. Ceausu, L. Luca, S. Hostiuc, D. Sirbu, A. Sirbu, R. Negoi
Rom J Leg Med21(1)15-18(2013)

5. Aortoenteric fistula: a possible cause of sudden death. Case report
D. Perju-Dumbrava, O. Chiroban, I. Fulga
Rom J Leg Med21(1)19-22(2013)

6. An autopsy case of decompression sickness: Hemorrhages in the fat tissue and fat embolism
K. Ninomiya, Y. Ihama, K. Yamagata, M. Fukasawa, T. Nagai, C. Fuke, T. Miyazaki
Rom J Leg Med21(1)23-26(2013)

7. Sudden death of a premature new-born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Morfological study of the heart
F.M. Filipoiu, M. Balgradean, V. Jinga
Rom J Leg Med21(1)27-30(2013)

8. Descriptive epidemiological study of fatal incidents among civilian sport parachutists in Norway from 1963 to 2008
K.M. Ekerhovd, F. Novomesky, I. Komarekova, L. Straka
Rom J Leg Med21(1)31-36(2013)

9. Two cases of dural sinus thrombosis and review of the literatureinput type=
S. Demircin, M. Atilgan, Y.M. Karagoz
Rom J Leg Med21(1)37-40(2013)

10. Hearing assesment of a malingering patient
G. Musat, C. Sarafoleanu, O. Stelea
Rom J Leg Med21(1)41-46(2013)

11. Sleep apnea syndrome in diabetic patients
M. Culman1, C. Serafinceanu, A. Mihai1, C. Sasu, E. H. Fayssal, S. Culman, C. Guja1
Rom J Leg Med21(1)47-50(2013)

12. Forensic consequences of anatomical variants in cerebral vascularization - the case of bihemispheric posterior inferior cerebellar artery
M. C. Rusu, S. Hostiuc, E. Pop, M. Valcu
Rom J Leg Med21(1)51-54(2013)

13. The paradigm of cingulate cortex globalization. Psychopathologic and forensic implications
G. S. Dragoi, P. R. Melinte, L. Radu, O. Buda
Rom J Leg Med21(1)55-66(2013)

14. Determination of ethyl glucuronide in fingernails by LC/MS-MS
A. Keten, C. Zeren, M. M. Arslan, N. Daglioglu, R. Karanfil, B. B. Sen
Rom J Leg Med21(1)67-72(2013)

15. A Comparative Analysis of the AmpFlSTR Identifiler and PowerPlex 16 Autosomal Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Amplification Kits on the Skeletal Remains Excavated from Second World War Mass Graves in Slovenia
I. Z. Pajnic
Rom J Leg Med21(1)73-78(2013)

16. The institutionalization of asylum and forensic psychiatry in Bucharest, 19th century. A historical outline
O. Buda, S. Hostiuc, E. Drima, L. Ghebaur, I. Popescu, L. Staicu, C. Dobos
Rom J Leg Med21(1)79-84(2013)

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