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Vol. 23 Issue 2 June 2015

1. Antemortem radiological imaging findings in a fatal tyre blast injury due to shock wave: a case report
D. Lynser, E. Marbaniang
Rom J Leg Med23(2)81-82(2015)

2. Main factors causing health-related vehicle collisions and incidents in Japanese taxi drivers
M. Hitosugi, M. Hasegawa, S. Yamauchi, S. Morita, S. Furukawa
Rom J Leg Med23(2)83-86(2015)

3. Systemic embolism due to liver hydatic cyst: Case report
S. Pehlivan, R. Akcan, A. Lale, B. M. Unal, M. Yondem, A. Pehlivan
Rom J Leg Med23(2)87-90(2015)

4. Are P-selectin and fibronectin truly useful for the vital reaction? Case presentation
C. O. Capatina, V. I. Chirica, E. Martius, O. M. Isaila, M. Ceauşu
Rom J Leg Med23(2)91-94(2015)

5. Funny current and sudden cardiac death
F. Perde, J. Yanni, D. Dermengiu, H. Dobrzynski
Rom J Leg Med23(2)95-100(2015)

6. Contribution of biventricular cardiac blood and pleural effusion strontium concentrations to the diagnosis of drowning
A. S. Gurler, U. N. Gundogmus, Y. Buyuk, H. C. Ince, Y. Sezer
Rom J Leg Med23(2)101-105(2015)

7. Squeezed splenic blood sampling as an alternative method for carboxyhemoglobin measurement
N. Tanaka, H. Kinoshita, M. Jamal, A. Takakura, M. Kumihashi, N. Miyatake, K. Ameno
Rom J Leg Med23(2)106-108(2015)

8. Blood biochemical markers could improve the reliability of postmortem alcohol analyses
J. M. Quiroz, E. M. Camargo,
Rom J Leg Med23(2)109-114(2015)

9. Fatal butane inhalation from gas cartridges: a case report and literature review
K. K. Kataoka, J. Fujihara, T. Yasuda, H. Takeshita
Rom J Leg Med23(2)115-120(2015)

10. Morphogen synergisms during antepartum synchronic evolution of placental hemochorial and pulmonary alveolar-blood biologic barriers in Homo Sapiens
P. R. Melinte, G. S. Dragoi, I. Dinca, E. Patrascu
Rom J Leg Med23(2)121-130(2015)

11. Determinant factors in the migration intention of professionals in legal medicine and pathology in Europe
B. F. Covaliu, S. M. Armean, A. C. Minoiu, D. Dermengiu, P. Armean, F. Mocean
Rom J Leg Med23(2)131-136(2015)

12. Homicide and alcohol consumption. A medico-legal and psychiatric interdisciplinary approach. Multivariate analysis
D. I. Bulgaru, G. Costea, A. Scripcaru, A. M. Ciubara
Rom J Leg Med23(2)137-142(2015)

13. Is a full-fledged informed consent viable in prison environments?
D. Dermengiu, S. Hostiuc, M. Simionescu, I. Marcus, V. Asavei, E. V. Gherghe, E. Badila
Rom J Leg Med23(2)143-150(2015)

14. Investigation of the awareness and knowledge about child abuse and negligence among doctors and nurses working in the east part of Turkey
I. Pakiş, F. Demir, G. Bektaş, U. Altun, S. Yıldırım
Rom J Leg Med23(2)151-156(2015)

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