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Vol. 22 Issue 2 June 2014

1. Death from a special mechanical asphyxia during suspect restraint: A case report
H. Pan, Y. Lv, H. Zhang, A. Xue, L. Chen
Rom J Leg Med22(2)81-84(2014)

2. Sudden death due to arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy associated with hemodynamically significant myocardial bridging
S. Dermengiu, M. Costache, S. Hostiuc, L. Zarma, M. Ceaușu
Rom J Leg Med22(2)85-88(2014)

3. Influence of postmortem findings on lung weight of drowning victims
L. Rubio, F. M. Cazorla, M. J. Gaitán, V. Ramos, I. Santos
Rom J Leg Med22(2)89-96(2014)

4. Human and environmental factors contributing to fatal road accidents in a Romanian population
P. L. Munteanu, M. Roșu, V. Panaitescu, A. Pungă
Rom J Leg Med22(2)97-100(2014)

5. Sex estimation of the Greek mandible with the aid of discriminant function analysis and posterior probabilities
E. Kranioti, J. G. Donas, H. Langstaff
Rom J Leg Med22(2)101-104(2014)

6. The importance of the ossification centre morphology in the left hand-wrist bones for age evaluation
C. Dogaroiu, C. Capatina, E. Gherghe, M. Avramoiu
Rom J Leg Med22(2)105-108(2014)

7. Histomorphometric evaluation of osteons inside the compacta of long bones diaphysis. Implication in pathology
G. Dragoi, P. Melinte, I. Dinca, M. Botoran, E. Patrascu
Rom J Leg Med22(2)109-116(2014)

8. Titanium in stomach contents – does it provide useful information for forensic diagnosis?
H. Kinoshita, N. Tanaka, M. Kumihashi, M. Jamal, A. Takakura, T. Umemoto, K. Tsutsui, K. Ameno
Rom J Leg Med22(2)117-118(2014)

9. Transfusion care of patients with established anti-C Willis red blood cell alloantibody
N. Bujandric, J. Grujic
Rom J Leg Med22(2)119-120(2014)

10. Extended use of LASIK procedure – possible medical error? Ethical and forensic case assessment
C. Corbu, R. Moisescu, R. Iancu, C. Nicula, M. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med22(2)121-126(2014)

11. A medico-legal view on the importance of the external examination of the traumatized patient
B. Ioan, T. Alexa, I. Alexa
Rom J Leg Med22(2)127-132(2014)

12. Forensic nursing emergency care
A. Cucu, I. Daniel, D. Paduraru, A. Galan
Rom J Leg Med22(2)133-136(2014)

13. Dilemmas regarding the informed consent in the informative model of the doctor-patient relationship
G. Curca
Rom J Leg Med22(2)137-143(2014)

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