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Vol. 22 Issue 1 March 2014

1. Dismemberment by a tamping machine: An unusual case of work-related accidental decapitation
E. Maselli, A. Dell’Erba, A. Lobifaro, L. Tattoli, B. Solarino
Rom J Leg Med22(1)1-4(2014)

2. An unusual fatal injury due to tyre blast
B. Kumral, A. Avşar, Y. Büyük, C. Göktürk, B. Şam
Rom J Leg Med22(1)5-7(2014)

3. Patterns of head injuries in lethal road traffic accidents in Buzau County
P. L. Munteanu, M. Roșu, V. Panaitescu, A. Pungă
Rom J Leg Med22(1)9-12(2014)

4. Postmortem corneal changes evaluated by fluorescent staining
C. Dogaroiu, A. Zarojanu, R. Scurtu, G. Morosanu, C. P. Tataru, A. C. Puscasu
Rom J Leg Med22(1)13-20(2014)

5. Sexual dimorphism of crania in a Romanian population: Discriminant function analysis approach for sex estimation
M. Marinescu, V. Panaitescu, M. Rosu, N. Maru, A. Punga
Rom J Leg Med22(1)21-26(2014)

6. Age estimation in subadults based on general anthropometric parameters in a population of Romania
A. Pungă, M. Roșu, L. Munteanu, M. Marinescu, V. Panaitescu
Rom J Leg Med22(1)27-30(2014)

7. Hydatid cyst – a rare etiology of sudden death. Case report and literature review
S. Morar, H. Dura, A. Cristian, D. P. Dumbravă, A. Boicean, M. C. Miţariu, R. Mihăilă
Rom J Leg Med22(1)31-34(2014)

8. Nonorganic hearing loss. Malingering, factitious or conversion disorder?
M. G. Georgescu, C. I. Stan, A. N. Marinescu, D. L. Păun,
Rom J Leg Med22(1)35-40(2014)

9. Intraventricular tumors - silent or noisy cerebral pathology?
I. Buraga, G. Mihailescu, R. B. Ciurea, R. M. Anton
Rom J Leg Med22(1)41-44(2014)

10. Extradural hematoma – is surgery always mandatory?
L. Tataranu, V. Ciubotaru, D. Paunescu, A. Spatariu, M. Radoi
Rom J Leg Med22(1)45-50(2014)

11. Medical and legal aspects of elderly patients with dementia
A. Capisizu, S. M. Aurelian, C. Bogdan
Rom J Leg Med22(1)51-54(2014)

12. Body packers in Mauritius
S. K. Gungadin, S. Ananda
Rom J Leg Med22(1)55-58(2014)

13. An autopsy case of serotonin toxicity resulting from suicidal administrations of fluvoxamine and lithium.
H. Mannou, M. Ikemura, Y. Nakagawa, M. Nata, H. Inoue,
Rom J Leg Med22(1)59-62(2014)

14. A rare case of fatal materno-fetal methanol poisoning. Volatile congeners analysis as forensic evidence
H. Jung, A. Idor, M. D. Bucur, A. Jung, A. A. Keresztesi
Rom J Leg Med22(1)63-68(2014)

15. Perenity of phenotype changes undergone by neuronal structures inside human superior cervical sympathetic ganglion. Implications in pathology
G. S. Drăgoi, P. R. Melinte, D. Marinescu, I. Dincă, M. M. Botoran
Rom J Leg Med22(1)69-80(2014)

16. Letter to the Editor
D. D. Anselm, A. Baranchuk
Rom J Leg Med22(1)81-81(2014)

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