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Vol. 21 Issue 2 June 2013

1. Coronary artery dissection as cause of sudden death
H. Jung, A. Lostun, D. Matei
Rom J Leg Med21(2)85-90(2013)

2. Pathological and forensic implications of coronary dominance in patients with inferior ST-elevated myocardial infarction
A. Udriste, G. Lupu, D. Popescu, G. Popescu
Rom J Leg Med21(2)91-94(2013)

3. Forensic identification elements with the help of rugoscopy in children
M. Popa, C. Stefanescu, P. Corici
Rom J Leg Med21(2)95-100(2013)

4. Challenges and pitfalls in the forensic assessment of posttraumatic extracerebral fluid collections
D. Adam
Rom J Leg Med21(2)101-104(2013)

5. Forensic ramifications in diagnosing and treating high forms of the Hirschsprung’s disease
R. Spataru, A. Sirbu, D. Sirbu
Rom J Leg Med21(2)105-110(2013)

6. Determination of cocaine and its major metabolite benzoylecgonine in rabbit hair by GC/MS
P. Efeoglu, N. Daglioglu, A. Hilal, F. Yaldiz, M. Gulmen
Rom J Leg Med21(2)111-114(2013)

7. Suicidal poisoning by ingestion of Taxus Baccata leaves. Case report and literature review
D. Perju-Dumbrava, S. Morar, O. Chiroban, E. Lechintan, A. Cioca
Rom J Leg Med21(2)115-118(2013)

8. Performance of the Human Quantifiler, the Investigator Quantiplex and the Investigator ESSplex Plus kit for quantification and nuclear DNA typing of old skeletal remains
T. Zupanc, J. Balazic, B. Stefanic, I. Pajnic
Rom J Leg Med21(2)119-124(2013)

9. The effectiveness of sequence variants of MTCOI and MTCYB besides entire D-Loop for haplotyping in eight population groups living in Taiwan
Y. Chen, J. Lee, C. Lin, T. Ko, Y. Huang, H. Yin, L. Tseng, H. Hwa
Rom J Leg Med21(2)125-136(2013)

10. Connection interfaces between neuronal elements and structures inside greater limbic system. Evaluation in forensic psycho-affective pathology
G. Dragoi, P. Melinte, L. Radu
Rom J Leg Med21(2)137-148(2013)

11. Public health aspects in medico-legal imaging
A. Cucu, O. Girjoaba
Rom J Leg Med21(2)149-154(2013)

12. Profile of persons involved in traffic accidents in Romania
D. Minca, F. Furtunescu, G. Calinoiu, C. Domnariu, R. Costea
Rom J Leg Med21(2)155-160(2013)

13. The criminal liability of the medical examiner for the crimes committed in relation to his professional duties
V. Vasile, M. Tupulan
Rom J Leg Med21(2)161-164(2013)

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