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Vol. 20 Issue 4 December 2012

1. Histopathological characteristics of human cardiac tissues in accidental hypothermia using conventional staining techniques
S. Furukawa, L. Wingenfeld, I. Sakaguchi, T. Nakagawa, A. Takaya, S. Morita, S. Yamasaki, K. Nishi
Rom J Leg Med20(4)241-246(2012)

2. Sudden death of neuromyelitis optica: A case report of clinical missed diagnosis
L. Zhuo, S. Zhu, T. Sun, R. Wang, L. Ren, L. Liu
Rom J Leg Med20(4)247-250(2012)

3. Medico-legal evaluation of deaths due to decapitation
B. Kumral, Y. Buyuk, U. N.Gundogmus, E. Sahin, M.F. Sahin
Rom J Leg Med20(4)251-254(2012)

4. Sudden death of a male child with varicella after anti-MMR vaccination
M. F. Popa, G. Baltatescu
Rom J Leg Med20(4)255-258(2012)

5. Death induced by pulmonary thromboembolism after caesarean section: A case report
S. Ozsoy, B. Akduman, M. Karapirli, H. Tugcu
Rom J Leg Med20(4)259-262(2012)

6. All-Terrain Vehicle-related crashes among children and young adults:
M. Janik, L. Straka, J. Krajcovic, F. Stuller, F. Novomesky, P. Hejna
Rom J Leg Med20(4)263-268(2012)

7. The heterogeneous space distribution of Superior Longitudinal Fascicle in human telencephalon. Neuronal imaging and forensic implications
G. S. Dragoi, P. R. Melinte, L. Radu,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)269-278(2012)

8. Femoral fractures in road traffic accidents
G. Kouris, S. Hostiuc, I. Negoi,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)279-282(2012)

9. Aggressivity in penitentiaries. A retrospective study conducted in Galati county between 2003-2008
A. Lupu, P. Stefanescu, V. Panaitescu, M. Rosu, S. Hostiuc,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)283-286(2012)

10. Respiratory and phonatory impairment due to iatrogenic vocal fold paralysis and paresis. A retrospective study of 188 patients
A. G. Anghel, I. Anghel, M. Dumitru, C. C. Soreanu,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)287-290(2012)

11. A Novel Method for the Detection of Cocaine in Hair using a Freeze/ Thaw Method and GC/ MS Analysis
M. L. Schmidt, L. Quarino,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)291-296(2012)

12. An autopsy case of triazolam overdose
H. Kinoshita, N. Tanaka, A. Kuse, A. Ohtsuki, Y. Nagasaki, Y. Ueno, M. Jamal, K. Tsutsui, M. Kumihashi, K. Ameno,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)297-298(2012)

13. Toxicological patterns of alcoholic beverages based on congeners gaschromatographic analysis
A. Jung, H. Jung, D. L. Muntean,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)299-302(2012)

14. Computer application for forensic determination of conception date
C. Precup, M. Ifrim, C. Toth, O. Bulzan, F. Dragan,
Rom J Leg Med20(4)303-306(2012)

15. Do we still need the autopsy? Clinical diagnosis versus autopsy diagnosis
B. Ioan, T. Alexa, I. Alexa
Rom J Leg Med20(4)307-312(2012)

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