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Vol. 20 Issue 2 June 2012

1. Trigeminal ganglionic neuronal death in a case positive for the botulinum neurotoxin B
A. M. Jianu, F. Pop, S. Hostiuc, C. G. Curca, M. C. Rusu
Rom J Leg Med20(2)83-88(2012)

2. ß-App immunoreactivity as diagnostic tool of Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI)
S. Sblano, C. P. Campobasso, F. Zotti, A. Arpaio, G. Di Vella, M. F. Colonna
Rom J Leg Med20(2)89-94(2012)

3. Presentation of the change in the number of hippocampal neurons by stereological method in surviving cases of mechanical asphyxia: An experimental rat study
C. D. Cenger, A. Kurtulus, K. Acar, B. Boz
Rom J Leg Med20(2)95-100(2012)

4. Substitution therapy of infants for addiction and withdrawal. Possible links to sudden infant death (SID). Literature review and case reports
G. Kernbach-Wighton, A. von der Wense, H. Kijewski, K. S. Saternus
Rom J Leg Med20(2)101-108(2012)

5. Neglect or unknown nail under the carotid sheath - accidental discovery
A. Dendrino, I. Lupu, P. Neicutescu, C. Sarafoleanu
Rom J Leg Med20(2)109-110(2012)

6. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia misdiagnosed as lethal child neglect
L. Tattoli, S. Leonardi, F. Carabellese, B. Solarino
Rom J Leg Med20(2)111-116(2012)

7. Post-mortem MSCT diagnosis of acute pericardial tamponade caused by blunt trauma to the chest in a motor-vehicle collision
P. Huang, L. Wan, Z. Qin, J. Zhang, N. Liu, D. Zou, Y. Chen
Rom J Leg Med20(2)117-122(2012)

8. An autopsy case of blunt chest trauma from a traffic accident complicated by chest compression due to resuscitation attempts
S. Furukawa, L. Wingenfeld, A. Takaya, T. Nakagawa, I. Sakaguchi, Y. Yamamoto, K. Nishi
Rom J Leg Med20(2)123-126(2012)

9. A large thymic mass - a possible cause of unexpected death
D. Butcovan, D. Bulgaru, V. Astarastoae
Rom J Leg Med20(2)127-130(2012)

10. Forensic comparison between bear hind paw and human feet. Case report and illustrated anatomical and radiological guide
C. DogÄroiu, D. Dermengiu, V. Viorel
Rom J Leg Med20(2)131-134(2012)

11. Availability of postmortem radiology to the diagnosis of fatal scuba diving incident. Case report
M. Toygar, H. Tugcu, F. Ors, H. T. Sanal, S. Ozsoy, M. Safali
Rom J Leg Med20(2)135-138(2012)

12. Trajectory and relations of middle cerebral artery inside “Trans-Sylvian Tunnel”. Forensic implications
G. S. Dragoi, L. Radu, P. R. Melinte, I. Dinca
Rom J Leg Med20(2)139-146(2012)

13. Patterns of the most abundant volatiles detected in post-mortem blood
V. A. Boumba, N. Kourkoumelis, K. S. Ziavrou, K. Fragkouli, T. Vougiouklakis
Rom J Leg Med20(2)147-154(2012)

14. Effect of short-term exposure to dichlorvos on rat hepatocyte: molecular and histopathological approach
A. Kurtulus, Y. Dodurga, G. N. Yonguc, H. C. Sorkun, B. Boz, K. Acar
Rom J Leg Med20(2)155-160(2012)

15. The forensic and surgical importance of anatomical variation. The lobe of the azygos vein. A case report
G. Lupu, D. Popescu, B. Cristea, V. Panus, I. Bulescu, G. Popescu
Rom J Leg Med20(2)161-162(2012)

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