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Vol. 17 Issue 4 December 2009

1. Syncytio-trophoblast pulmonary embolism: cause of death or incidental finding. Case report and literature review.
M. Ceausu, S. Dermengiu, G.C. Curca, D. Dermengiu, L. Luca
Rom J Leg Med17(4)249-256(2009)

2. Forensic and anatomic signification of phenotype transformations inside fetus membranes. Part Two: Trophoblastic membrane
G.S. Dragoi, I. Dinca, P.R. Melinte, G.A. Silca, L. Radu, C. Diaconu
Rom J Leg Med17(4)257-264(2009)

3. Primary pulmonary systemic amyloidosis - case report
L. Hecser, D. Biris, D. Gherman, D. Matei, H. Jung
Rom J Leg Med17(4)265-270(2009)

4. Coronary artery calcium scoring in postmortem specimens. Method report
M.C. Rusu, D. Cuzino, D. Dermengiu, G.C. Curca, C. Capatina, V.D.E. Strambu, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med17(4)271-276(2009)

5. Third molar development in relation to chronological age in Romanian children and young adults
L. Golovcencu, C. Scripcaru, G. Zegan
Rom J Leg Med17(4)277-282(2009)

6. Accidental hangings. Report of two cases
A. Salem, C. Onicas, M. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med17(4)283-286(2009)

7. Comparative study of genotoxic effects in workers exposed to inorganic lead and low dose irradiation using micronucleus test
M. Stoia, S. Oancea, D.C. Obreja
Rom J Leg Med17(4)287-294(2009)

8. Alcohol consumption impact on premature mortality in Romania
F. Furtunescu, D.G. Minca, A. Vasile, C. Domnariu
Rom J Leg Med17(4)296-302(2009)

9. Development and validation of a quantitative determination method of blood ethanol by gas chromatography with headspace (GC-HS)
D. Dorubet, S. Moldoveanu, C. Mircea, E. Butnaru, V. Astarastoae
Rom J Leg Med17(4)303-308(2009)

10. The drug-addict: patient or prisoner?
M.C. Vicol, D. Bulgaru-Iliescu, B. Ioan, V. Astarastoae
Rom J Leg Med17(4)309-312(2009)

11. Postmortem evaluation of renal, coronary and cerebral vascular lesions in chronic kidney disease
A.M. Berinde, G. Gluhovschi, A. Enache, V. Luta, C. Vernic, D. Lungu, E. Potencz, C. Gluhovschi, F. Bob
Rom J Leg Med17(4)313-316(2009)

12. Sudden unexpected death in infancy in Romanian population
D. Liaropoulos, V. Belis, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med17(4)317-322(2009)

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