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Vol. 17 Issue 3 September 2009

1. Coronary fibromuscular dysplasia and sudden death - case report and literature review
G.C. Curca, N. Sarbu, D. Dermengiu, S. Dermengiu, E. Martius, M. Rusu, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med17(3)165-172(2009)

2. Forensic and anatomic signification of phenotype transformations inside fetus membranes. Part One: Amnion and lamina chorionica
G.S. Dragoi, I. Dinca, P.R. Melinte, C. Diaconu, G. Silca
Rom J Leg Med17(3)173-186(2009)

3. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotic patients - case report
L. Hecser, K. Palfi Siklodi, L. Croitorescu, H. Jung
Rom J Leg Med17(3)187-192(2009)

4. Autoerotic asphyxial hanging - case presentation
C. Capatina, S. Hostiuc, C. Dragoteanu, G.C. Curca
Rom J Leg Med17(3)193-198(2009)

5. Atypical methods of suicide - case reports and literature review
A. Salem, C. Dragoteanu, M. Marinescu, C. Onicas
Rom J Leg Med17(3)199-2004(2009)

6. Assessment of chronic kidney disease based on necroptic microscopical examination in violent death cases
A.M. Berinde, G. Gluhovschi, A. Enache, V. Luta, C. Vernic, D. Lungu, E. Potencz, C. Gluhovschi, F. Bob
Rom J Leg Med17(3)205-212(2009)

7. High-throughput toxicological analysis of Methamphetamine, MDA and MDMA from human plasma by LC-MS/MS
L. Vlase, D.S. Popa, F. Loghin, S.E. Leucuta
Rom J Leg Med17(3)213-220(2009)

8. Experimental forensic biometric study on the femur bone resitance as compared to the upper limb long bones resistance
C. Precup, M. Ifrim, M. Toth-Tascau, L. Rusu
Rom J Leg Med17(3)221-226(2009)

9. Blood substitution therapy - ethical and legal limits vs. medical risks and benefits
E. Gheorghita, L. Neagoe, C. Bucur, C. Jemna, F. Bica
Rom J Leg Med17(3)227-234(2009)

10. DNA investigation on human bones: results, potentialities and limits - a five year report
C. Constantinescu, L.E. Barbarii
Rom J Leg Med17(3)235-246(2009)

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