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Vol. 17 Issue 2 June 2009

1. Pulmonary Hypertension in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus complicated by exposure to Dexfenfluramine
E.B. Petcu, L. Berman, M.M. Opris, V. Gheorghiu, S.C. Kessler, J. Hayes, H.W. Farber
Rom J Leg Med17(2)83-88(2009)

2. Spontaneous aortic dissection and cystic medial degeneration. Report of a sudden death case and literature review
S. Dermengiu, M. Ceausu, S. Hostiuc, G.C. Curca, D. Dermengiu, C. Turculet
Rom J Leg Med17(2)89-96(2009)

3. Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia and sudden death. Report of two cases
L. Hecser, H. Jung, K. Palfi Siklodi, D. Biris
Rom J Leg Med17(2)97-100(2009)

4. Morphofunctional considerations on the atrioventricular node arterial vascularization
M.C. Rusu, D. Ferechide, G.C. Curca, D. Dermengiu
Rom J Leg Med17(2)101-110(2009)

5. Non-traumatic spontaneous acute epidural hematoma. Case report
D. Bulgaru Iliescu, B.G. Ioan, I. Zetu, V. Astarastoae
Rom J Leg Med17(2)111-114(2009)

6. Tissue interrelations and reciprocal inductions during the genesis of the contort seminiferous tubules precursors
G.S. Dragoi, L. Radu, R.P. Melinte, G. Carcadia
Rom J Leg Med17(2)115-121(2009)

7. Forensic assessment of blunt thoracic trauma - correlations between pattern of injuries and trauma dynamics
M. Dragu, A. Salem, M. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med17(2)122-126(2009)

8. Youth insulin treatment and severe hypoglycemia risk. Medico-legal implications
D. Catrinoiu, C. Mihai, I.T. Tofoleanu, B. Cimpineanu, G.S. Gorun
Rom J Leg Med17(2)127-132(2009)

9. Limb Body Wall Complex - case presentation and literature review
D. Socolov, C. Terinte, V. Gorduza, R. Socolov, J.M. Puiu
Rom J Leg Med17(2)133-138(2009)

10. Attitudes of the Turkish medical profession and jurists towards new Turkish legislation concerning body examination without consent in Criminal Procedure
I. Hot, H. Dogan, F. Mahmutoglu, C. Yorulmaz
Rom J Leg Med17(2)139-146(2009)

11. Accuracy of Cameriere et al regression equation in Haryana population
B. Rai, R. Cameriere, L. Ferrante
Rom J Leg Med17(2)147-150(2009)

12. Minimizing subjective and objective interferences in the quantification of esthetic prejudice
S. Stanculescu, S. Hostiuc
Rom J Leg Med17(2)151-155(2009)

13. CK-MB study in myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death
B. Barabas
Rom J Leg Med17(2)156-162(2009)

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