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Vol. 17 Issue 1 March 2009

1. The colloid cyst of the third ventricle - a potential life threatening benign tumour
C. Grigoriu, G. Dumitrescu, I. Florea, C. Marcu, V. Isaila
Rom J Leg Med17(1)7-12(2009)

2. Meconium - biomarker in ortho- and pathomorphogenesis algorhytm. Implications in medico-legal investigation
G.S. Dragoi, L. Radu, S. Mitroaica, R. Melinte, S. Scurtu, G. Carcadia
Rom J Leg Med17(1)13-24(2009)

3. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma with cardiac metastasis. A case report
E. Voinitchi, G.C. Curca, D. Dermengiu, F. Pop, M. Ceausu, P. Popov, S. Hostiuc, G.S. Tiplica
Rom J Leg Med17(1)25-32(2009)

4. Acute pancreatitis: lethal inflammatory disease in chronic alcohol abuse. Case reports
L. Hecser, G. Csiki, H. Jung, K. Palfi Siklodi
Rom J Leg Med17(1)33-36(2009)

5. Morpho-pathological alterations of the cardio-vascular system in violent death cases
A.M. Berinde, G. Gluhovschi, A. Enache, V. Luta, C. Vernic, D. Lungu, E. Potencz
Rom J Leg Med17(1)37-44(2009)

6. Forensic value of mandibular anthropometry in gender and age estimation
M.F. Popa, C.L. Stefanescu, P.D. Corici
Rom J Leg Med17(1)45-50(2009)

7. Automated DNA isolation for databasing purposes
F. Stanciu, I.M. Stoian, O.R. Popescu
Rom J Leg Med17(1)51-58(2009)

8. Y-SNP haplogroups in the Antalya population in Turkish Republic
T. Serdar, D. Sema
Rom J Leg Med17(1)59-68(2009)

9. Factors increasing mortality rates in suicide attempts in jail and prison
T. Ciuhodaru, S.N. Romedea, T. Arhipescu, O. Buda
Rom J Leg Med17(1)69-72(2009)

10. Neurochemical basis of treatment in suicide - forensic implications
R.G. Tauser
Rom J Leg Med17(1)73-78(2009)

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