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Vol. 16 Issue 4 December 2008

1. Acute pulmonary alveolitis in narcotics-related deaths
H. Jung,D. Matei,S. Pollak,I. Jung
Rom J Leg Med16(4)247-252(2008)

2. Delayed sudden death determined by right atrial contusion
G. C. Curca, M. Ceausu, D. Dermengiu, P. Popov
Rom J Leg Med16(4)253-260(2008)

3. Cranial fractures identified in a late Neolithic population, exhumed from the Middle Basin of Mures river - Lumea Noua - (Romania)
V. Panaitescu, M. Rosu, M. Gligor, L. Matei, A. Sirbu
Rom J Leg Med16(4)261-268(2008)

4. Fetal antenatal surgery - a new paradigma in medico-legal evaluation of the new-born viability. Case presentation
S. D. Gheorghe, L. Radu, R. Melinte, S. Mitroaica, M. Botoran
Rom J Leg Med16(4)269-274(2008)

5. Osteogenesis imperfecta: forensic assessment of traumatic injuries. Case report and literature review
S. Hostiuc, C. Capapina, G. C. Curca, I. Piciorus
Rom J Leg Med16(4)275-282(2008)

6. Pulmonary thromboembolism in infant: postmortem diagnosis
L. Hecser, S. K. Palfi, H. Jung
Rom J Leg Med16(4)283-288(2008)

7. Bitemark analysis in legal medicine - literature review
S. Hostiuc, G. C. Curca, D. Dermengiu, M. Rusu
Rom J Leg Med16(4)289-298(2008)

8. Accuracy of radiologic diagnostic of rib fractures in blunt thoracic trauma
M.Dragu, M. Marinescu, A. Salem
Rom J Leg Med16(4)299-304(2008)

9. Incidence of sudden cardiac death in clinical and forensic context.
B. Barabas
Rom J Leg Med16(4)305-312(2008)

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