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Vol. 16 Issue 1 March 2008

1. Major disorders of cardiac rhytm in drivers
L. Hecser, L. Croitorescu, D. Biris, H. Jung, G. Csiki
Rom J Leg Med16(1)3-8(2008)

2. Forensic aspects in death due to dog-pack attack
A. Salem, M. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med16(1)9-16(2008)

3. Acute systemic fibrinous pneumonia
L. Hecser, H. Jung, K. Palfi Siklodi
Rom J Leg Med16(1)17-22(2008)

4. Suicide by "non-lethal" firearm
I. Fulga, D. Perju-Dumbrava, R. Crassas
Rom J Leg Med16(1)23-26(2008)

5. Blood alcohol concentration gas-chromatographic analysis: validation and
H. Jung, A. Jung, L. Hecser, D. L. Muntean
Rom J Leg Med16(1)27-30(2008)

6. Child sexual abuse: offender's modus operandi aspects in intra-agressional period
I. Fulga, L.C. Musat, R. Crassas, N. Ceavdari
Rom J Leg Med16(1)31-36(2008)

7. Expert assessement particularities in posttraumatic epilepsy
M. Plahteanu, S. Radu, C. Pandele, A. Panaitescu, S. Gherghe
Rom J Leg Med16(1)37-42(2008)

8. Traumatic injuries of abdominal organs - forensic assessment of life threatening potential (I)
C. Turculet, V. Gheorghiu, M. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med16(1)43-56(2008)

9. Investigative protocole of sudden cardiac death in young adults
G.C. Curca, N. Drugescu, C. Ardeleanu, M. Ceausu
Rom J Leg Med16(1)57-66(2008)

10. Hippocampus - ancestral interface and software of learning and memory
G.S. Dragoi, L. Radu, M. Mesina Botoran, R. Neamtu
Rom J Leg Med16(1)67-83(2008)

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