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Vol. 15 Issue 4 December 2007

1. Subependymal hemorrage of fetus between cause and effect. Implications in medical forensic medicine
G. S. Dragoi, S. Scurtu, M R. Popescu, C. Sutru, T. A. Sarpe
Rom J Leg Med15(4)253-267(2007)

2. Giant-Cell Myocarditis: Cause of Sudden Death
L. Hecser, D. Matei, H. Jung, D. Biris, G. Csiki
Rom J Leg Med15(4)268-273(2007)

3. Respiratory complications in lethal head traumas
I. Fulga, A. Nechita, C. L. Musat, N. Bacalbasa, C. Mihalache, E. M. Coman, D. Perju-Dumbrava, C. Siserman
Rom J Leg Med15(4)274-277(2007)

4. The Influence of Ethyl Alcohol on Craniocerebral Injuries.
M. Plahteanu, M. Girigan, S. Moraru, I. Fulga
Rom J Leg Med15(4)278-283(2007)

5. Difficulties in the setup of forensic medical expertise.
G. Mihalache, C. Buhas
Rom J Leg Med15(4)284-287(2007)

6. The analyse of the infanticide cases in the counties of Mures and Sibiu 1993 - 2003
V. Hadareanu, L. Cocora, A. Nistor
Rom J Leg Med15(4)288-293(2007)

7. Advantages and disadvantages of using the death certificate in suicide research .
S. Morar
Rom J Leg Med15(4)294-297(2007)

8. Traumatic brain injury and psychic impairment - a forensic evaluation.
H. Jung, M. Ardeleanu
Rom J Leg Med15(4)298-304(2007)

9. Medico-legal dimension of domestic violence in Constanţa county.
M. Popa, V. Covaciu, G. Gisca, S. Botez
Rom J Leg Med15(4)305-312(2007)

10. The role of forensic medicine in preventing domestic violence.
C. Buhas, G. Mihalache, C. Radu
Rom J Leg Med15(4)313-317(2007)

11. F O R U MThe forensic expertise for delay or interruption of the execution of jail sentence on medical reasons – arguments on and against in the institutions of forensic medicine
C. Buhas, G. Mihalache, C. Pusta
Rom J Leg Med15(4)318-320(2007)

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