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Vol. 15 Issue 3 September 2007

1. Strenghtening the institutional capacity of the Romanian agencies in the field of drug demand reduction
G. C. Curca
Rom J Leg Med15(3)161-166(2007)

2. Tissue Interrelations in the Evolution of Hemochorial Barriers. Implications in Forensic Expertise of Pregnancy and Abortion
G. S. Dragoi, L. Radu, M. R. Popescu, R. Neamtu
Rom J Leg Med15(3)167-181(2007)

3. Forensic aspects in crime scene investigation
A. Salem, A. Trimbitasu, M. Marinescu
Rom J Leg Med15(3)182-194(2007)

4. Sudden death in pregnancy with HIV
M. Ciobanu, A. Enache, D. Lungu, V. Matei, M. Ciocani, V. Belei
Rom J Leg Med15(3)195-201(2007)

5. Postanesthesical malignant hypertermia: a case with fatal evolution
L. Hecser, L. Croitorescu, G. Csiki, D. Matei
Rom J Leg Med15(3)202-212(2007)

6. Difficulties in the objective evaluation of esthetic prejudice
A. Enache, M.L. Dressler, F. Galdau, M. Petcu, V. Belei, M. Gavrilita, A. M. Berinde, F. Chatzinikolaou
Rom J Leg Med15(3)213-218(2007)

7. Connections in forensic investigation between judiciary toxicology and forensic medicine
M. Costache, M. G. Stoian
Rom J Leg Med15(3)219-228(2007)

8. Computer aided processing of the blood alcohol level
S. I. Damian, L. V. Constantin, R. F. Damian
Rom J Leg Med15(3)229-233(2007)

9. STR allele profile in forensic identification
A. Anghel, C. Marian, C. Samoila, F. Lenghel, F. Sfrijan
Rom J Leg Med15(3)234-236(2007)

10. Cognitive disorders at teenagers after skull and cerebral trauma
M. Plahteanu, A. Panaitescu, C. Pandele, S. Gherghe
Rom J Leg Med15(3)237-241(2007)

11. F O R U MImplementing confinement measures from criminal code 113, 114
M. Mosescu, M. Dragu, A. Stefanescu
Rom J Leg Med15(3)242-248(2007)

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