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Vol. 15 Issue 1 March 2007

1. Necrotizing fasciitis of the leg with fatal evolution
L. Hecser, L.Croitorescu, G. Csiki, D. Matei
Rom J Leg Med15(1)1-7(2007)

2. Interferences between coronary, immunologic and endocrine congenital anomalies in the determinism of sudden death
D. Dermengiu, G. Gorun, E. Martius
Rom J Leg Med15(1)9-18(2007)

3. Microanatomical Homeostasis of Structures with Resident Progenitor Cells
G. S. Drăgoi, C. Bătăiosu, M. R. Popescu, L. Riza, F. Mocanu, S. Scurtu, M. Mărginean
Rom J Leg Med15(1)18-31(2007)

4. Postmortem Biochemical Estimations in Cases of Fatal Hypothermia (Catecholamines and Volatiles)
G. Kernbach-Wighton, K.-S. Saternus
Rom J Leg Med15(1)32-38(2007)

5. Problems of forensic anthropological identification of carbonized human remains
V. Panaitescu , M. Roşu
Rom J Leg Med15(1)39-44(2007)

6. Forensic stomatological identification of a murderer
C. Scripcaru, I. Agrosoaie, N. Ceavdari, I. Manoilescu
Rom J Leg Med15(1)45-49(2007)

7. Attempt to camouflage an homicide by burning the cadaver
R. Zăvoi , A. Marinescu , L. Radu, C. Albiţa
Rom J Leg Med15(1)50-54(2007)

8. Cinematography – pull factor in drug addiction
G. S. Gorun
Rom J Leg Med15(1)55-62(2007)

9. F O R U MConcepts of medical law – Elements of juridical responsibility (3)
V. Iftenie
Rom J Leg Med15(1)63-79(2007)

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