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Rom J Leg Med31(1)23-29(2023)
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M. Enache, A. Didilescu, E. Bud, O. Bunta, M. Ghergie, D. Feștilă

Abstract: This study compares the facial profile perception by three groups: dentists, people with background in art (PBA), and laypersons, respectively. The profile photographs of two post-pubertal patients (a female and a male patient) of Caucasian origin were used in order to obtain digital images, modifying the anterior-posterior position of the mandible by one unit (3 degrees of SNB angle). The anterior-posterior position of the maxilla, assessed on cephalometric X-ray by the angle between cranial base and base of the maxilla - SNA angle, was normal and the same for all digital images. The facial profile was analyzed by three groups, aged 20 to 35 years old, who rated each digital image with a score, on a scale from 1 to 8. The most attractive profile, chosen by all three groups in our study, was the normal profile or the slightly convex one, excepting the male laypersons. The most convex male profile and the most concave female profile were considered the least attractive. The most attractive profiles are the ones closer to normal, whilst the most ‘extreme’ positions of the mandible, in anterior-posterior direction, are generally considered the least attractive.
Keywords: profile, esthetics, facial photographs, maxilla, mandibular position.

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