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Rom J Leg Med30(4)297-301(2022)
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C. Ghețău, D. O. Rusu, C. Delcea

Abstract: Numerous works indicate an equal distribution among video game players in regard to gender distribution, yet in literature, there is still not a consensus regarding what a gamer really is and, as a result, the sampling method can be ambiguous bringing into question the real gender distribution among video game player population. In the present paper, we attempt to assert the seriousness with which games are approached by gender based on the hardcore gamer typology, in this regard we draw from the literature classification of gamers into hardcore and casual in an attempt to better understand the gender distribution in video games. In doing so, we used the Casual Hardcore Gamer Assortment scale (CHG) on a sample of 996 video game players. Results indicate a positive correlation between CHG and gender. Based on this correlation we can assume that although girls do play video games there are still differences in their engagement towards these games, girls seem to invest less time and economical resources in video games and take games less seriously when compared to their male counterparts.
Keywords: video games, gamer girl, video games demographics, gaming.

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