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Rom J Leg Med30(4)248-251(2022)
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C. Rebeleanu, D. Doroftei, D. P. Dumbravă, V. L. Pintea, C. Siserman, C. C. Radu

Abstract: Sexual abuse is one of the medico-social problems known for a long time, and systematically undervalued. The medico-legal examination of the aggressor in cases of rape is often overlooked by the criminal investigation department, by failing to request it on numerous occasions. During this study, the traumatic injuries are assessed: their localization, morphology and mechanism of appearance are evaluated, together with a detailed genital examination. Both the general traumatological and the genital examination can bring information about a possible recent sexual intercourse.
Objectives. The objective of this study is to assess the traumatic injuries of the male aggressor in rape case and perform the evaluation of the post-coitus injuries that can confirm the recent sexual intercourse.
Method and materials. We analyzed the medico-legal expert reports of the Bistrița Năsăud County Medico-Legal Service regarding the examination of male aggressors in cases of rape during a 3 year span, 01.01.2019-31.12.2021. Both the traumatic injuries the perpetrators presented and the signs that could be interpreted as the result of recent sexual intercourse were evaluated.
Results. 26 examinations of the alleged perpetrators of rape crimes were evaluated. 3 persons did not present any signs that could have been interpreted as the result of a sexual intercourse; 23 of them presented either traumatic injuries or genital signs of recent sexual intercourse. Out of these, 1 presented traumatic injuries, and 15 presented genital signs of a recent sexual intercourse; only 7 persons presented both. The most common injuries associated were ecchymosis-in 2 cases, excoriations- 1 case, ecchymosis and excoriations- 5 cases, equally produced by biting or scratching. The genital signs of recent sexual intercourse were confirmed by the investigation carried out in 21 cases out of the 22 that presented such signs. Among the 22 cases with signs of recent sexual intercourse, these injuries/signs were present in various anatomical locations.
Conclusions. The genital lesions found at the examination of the male aggressor in the case of rape crimes are useful to demonstrate the recent sexual intercourse.
Keywords: Rape aggressor, traumatic injuries, medico-legal genital examination.

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