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Rom J Leg Med30(3)163-165(2022)
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E. Lungu, V. Șarpe, S. Covata

Abstract: Cranio-cerebral trauma is one of the most serious and frequently encountered causes of death, ranking first in the structure of violent death, among children and adolescents. The present work aimed to study the frequency, dynamics, structure and lesional peculiarities of lethal craniocerebral trauma in children. In order to achieve the proposed goal, 86 cases of lethal head trauma in children examined in the Chisinau thanatology department of the Center of Forensic Medicine for the period 2015-2021 were analyzed. Our study showed that 61.6% of male children died, more frequently aged 13-15; death mainly occurred in spring and summer. Head traumas were noticed mostly in urban areas (78.5%), due to transport and falls from height. Meningo-cerebral traumas (35.8%), scalp wounds (31.6%) and skull bone fractures (24.7%) were predominantly established during autopsies. A less prevalence of cranial fractures can be explained by peculiarities and high elasticity of bone tissue in children.
Keywords: lethal craniocerebral trauma, head trauma, traumatic objects, lesional particularities, children

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