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Rom J Leg Med29(4)418-420(2021)
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A. A. Maftei, A. Kozma, A. D. I. Dumitru

Abstract: Introduction. Drug is a term used to describe those natural or synthetic substances that, through their chemical properties, cause changes in the function of organs and change the mental state of a person. The term refers to psychoactive substances. In a scientific sense, a drug is any substance that can lead to a state of addiction [1].
Objectives. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how drugs, specifically heroine can affect the oral cavity.
Methods. The case presented will contain the story of a 19 year old girl with a severe hero-in addiction which lasted a couple of years, and recently became sober.
Results. The main reason which the patient asked for help was the severe pain, but another reason was the aesthetic part. The main goal is to remove the pain from each tooth and to restore it.
Conclusions. Drug abuse is a serious problem and it should be discussed more, especially with teenagers. The effects can be life threatening. Every single part of the human body will and can be affected. The effects on the teeth are serious and can result in losing all of them at a very young age.
Keywords: drug, heroin, oral cavity

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