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Rom J Leg Med29(4)413-417(2021)
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I. M. Gheorghiu, G. Nicola, S. Scarlatescu, A. O. A. Alouli, A. A. Iliescu, I. Suciu, P. Perlea

Abstract: In recent decades, all cosmetic and dental cosmetic treatments have become an integral part of the patient’s complex approach, in association with orthodontic treatments, orthognathic surgery and restorative dental treatments using new esthetic materials. Dental bleaching is the starting point in the field of cosmetic dentistry, but today it is associated with other procedures such as microabrasion, dental veneers, gingival contouring procedures, the use of all ceramic or zirconia based ceramic prosthetic restorations. All these new trends in cosmetic dentistry also come with challenges for the dentist, because the demands of patients are high, sometimes unrealistic. The most complete information of the patient, in the process of obtaining informed consent, truly understood, can be a solution to solve this ethical problem in terms of cosmetic dental cosmetic approach, along with compliance with detailed practice guidelines, which are increasingly elaborate today. In this way, subsequent accusations of medical malpractice can be avoided.
Keywords: cosmetic dentistry; trends; challenges; medical liability.

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