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Rom J Leg Med29(4)392-398(2021)
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B. Hanganu, A. Andries, I. S. Manoilescu, A. S. Szalontay, B. G. Ioan

Abstract: Background. Vaccination is one of the greatest advancements in medicine regarding prevention of severe infectious diseases. The current COVID-19 pandemic placed a tremendous burden on the shoulders of national and international health and governmental authorities, which fueled a common effort to produce a vaccine against this disease.
Material and method. The authors performed a prospective quantitative research, based on an on-line questionnaire, regarding the attitude of medical students studying in Romania toward COVID-19 vaccination and the factors that influence their decision.
Results. 511 students participated in the survey, both Romanian and foreign students, of which 78.3% agree with COVID-19 vaccination. The following factors influenced positively the decision to accept the vaccine: studying in Romanian language, having acquaintances suffering from COVID-19, taking care of COVID-19 patients, positive attitude towards vaccines in general, trusting the authorities, having a higher level of fear of infection and a lower level of fear of side effects.
Conclusions. The results of our study highlighted the factors that influence the attitude of medical students towards vaccination. Given that the future doctors will have a decisive role in consolidating a safer and more certain future of medicine, it is important that these factors are addressed and targeted by the strategic programs to make them understand the importance of immunization of the population against severe infectious diseases.
Keywords: COVID-19, vaccine, medical students, attitude, Romania

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