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Rom J Leg Med29(4)387-391(2021)
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C. Precup, V. Toma, I. Toma, T. Olariu, I. Olariu, D. Negru, M. Sandor, M. Moț, C. Stoian, L. Bran

Abstract: Introduction. SARS_CoV_2 pandemic triggered international measures, from genomic sequencing, PCR tests and accelerated studies for vaccines and treatments approval, to extreme restriction of civil rights, through stringent measures as social distance, work and online education etc. The lack of population ́s adherence to the authorities ́ measures can compromise the success in limiting the pandemic.
Material and method. This cross-sectional study identified the opinions of vaccinated and unvaccinated participants regarding the severity of the pandemic, vaccination and stringency measures, the objective being to highlight the ethical and moral aspects on which these opinions are based. The responders (n = 412) declared their vaccinal status in a questionnaire, their opinions on disease, on the vaccine, their attitude towards the green certificate etc. The data analysis followed the internal consistency of the questionnaire through Cronbach’s alpha, correlations, inferential tests.
Results. Respondents are not worried about getting sick at work but are concerned about their families and friends safety; are not convinced of the quality of approved vaccines (for which regulators cannot guarantee the safety); are concerned about the lack of transparency in pharmacovigilance and vaccine efficacy studies; they think that vaccines do not stop the viruses transmission, do not provide lasting protection or eradicate the virus. They consider that both the virus and human immune response are insufficiently known and the green certificate does not limit the burden of disease, being discriminatory.
Conclusions. For the quality of life, already compromised in the pandemic, the absence of restrictions and voluntary vaccination are important.
Keywords: vaccine safety, green certificate, restrictions.

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