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Rom J Leg Med29(3)332-335(2021)
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C. C. Radu, D. Doroftei, C. M. Radu, C. H. Rebeleanu, D. P. Dumbravă, D. B. Iliescu

Abstract: Age is one of the essential factors in establishing a person’s identity. Age estimation in adults is a difficult task for forensic practicians because as the age advances, the dentition gets influenced by numerous exogenous and endogenous factors, thus, an interdisciplinary approach is needed. The present article is an attempt to present the limitation and the international trends regarding this type of forensic examinations, while focusing on the ethical issues as well. The authors exemplify the work methodology by presenting an age estimation case in a 20-year-old individual.
Keywords: forensic age estimation, forensic identification, forensic odonto-stomatology, radiography.

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