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Rom J Leg Med29(3)317-322(2021)
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B. Mastalier, A. M. Lazar, D. Andraș, M. Radu, V. Popescu, C. Botezatu

Abstract: Currently, general surgeons face an unprecedented number of malpractice claims. The increasing number of malpractice lawsuits places an important burden on the medical system, with excessive financial costs, occurrence of second victims and the extension of a negative defensive medicine. In abdominal surgery, the most frequent malpractice claims come from laparoscopic cholecystectomy and bariatric surgery complications, usually due to patient death. However, it is considered that half of the surgical complications are preventable. Although malpractice litigation can have detrimental effects for the medical systems, recognizing medical errors remains essential, as they are a leading cause of death worldwide. In this scenario, the current review brings a synthetic view on the most frequent causes of malpractice claims and medical errors from the Romanian and international literature in order to trigger an alarm signal for the surgical corps. In this context, future preventive strategies, resulting from an attentive root-cause analysis, must be worldwide implemented in order to decrease the preventable surgical errors and reduce patient injury.

Keywords: urgical malpractice, medical errors, negligence, general surgery, abdominal surgery, surgical complications, second victims of error, root-cause analysis, preventive strategies.

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