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Rom J Leg Med29(3)239-249(2021)
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G. S. Drăgoi

Abstract: The analysis of the phenotypical changes in the allocortex structures within the archipallium and/or the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle requires good knowledge of the three-dimensional anatomy of the perihippocampal fissures. The macroscopic study is based on the descriptive, topographic and sculptural anatomic analysis of the connections between the allocortical structures (the archipallium and the paleopalium) and the perihippocampal fissures which include the paramedian sector of the transverse cerebral fissure of Bichat and the two lateral extesions: an upper one - temporal part of the choroid fissure - and the lower one - the hippocampal fissure - in morphogenesis dynamics. The evaluation of these connections was performed after the analysis of the sections through the brain - horizontally, obliquely sagittal-medially and paramedially by Brisaud method on 12 brains taken from 8 adults and 4 feti. The stereographic anatomic analysis enabled the identification of three regions on the paramedian sector of the tranverse cerebral fissure: telometencephalic, telomesencephalic and telodiencefalic. We also identified the two extensions of the paramedian sector of the tranverse cerebral fissure: the hippocampal fissure and the choroid fissure of the temporal horn of the lateral ventricle. The latter is covered by choroid arteries, a fact that brings into present the issue of the connections between them and the subarachnoidian perivascular space. The knowledge of perihippocampal fissures anatomy is of important help in evaluating the morphological changes occurring in the Alzheimer’s disease, in the Mesial temporal sclerosis, in a variety of tumors and in hydrocephalus.
Keywords: transverse cerebral fissure, hippocampal fissure, choroid fissure, choroid arteries, subarachnoidal perivascular space.

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