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Rom J Leg Med29(2)205-211(2021)
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F. Severin, D. B. Iliescu, S. Rosca, T. P. Neagu, I. A. Ciureanu

Abstract: Complex cervical trauma is an important component of the otorhinolaryngologic pathology, with a rising incidence. Cervical injuries, both the blunt and penetrating ones, are most frequently associated with violence, hetero- or self-inflicted nature. They also occur in road accidents and professional sports. Excessive alcohol consumption has a great impact on complex cervical trauma. Regarding complex cervical traumas produced by an autolytic, aggression or accidental mechanism in which a history psychiatric pathology is diagnosed or not, the psychological and psychiatric assessment plays an essential role in the recovery and social reintegration.
To assess the complexity and actual prevalence of the aero-digestive cervical trauma, multicenter studies are needed to optimize and standardize a national algorithm for the long-term diagnosis, treatment and management of patients, as well as a protocol with the forensic aspects of this pathology for the protection of both doctors and patients. This guide would facilitate and create a common framework for a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis.
The present research study has been conceived as a comprehensive approach to a significant number of subjects differentiated according to several criteria: age, gender, background, cervical trauma type, the survivors / deceased, alcohol level. Since the main type of cervical trauma identified both in survivors and deceased was cervical trauma produced by an autolytic mechanism, it was assumed that to understand and correct this form of suicide and it is necessary first to investigate the generating factors, the modalities of action and the immediate and delayed consequences of their action.
Keywords: complex cervical trauma, negative prognosis, alcohol, psychiatric pathologies.

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