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Rom J Leg Med28(2)166-171(2020)
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R. P. Nedelcu, C. Delcea, C. Siserman, C. Domnariu

Abstract: Aim, methods and outcomes. In this research, the mediators of domestic violence were approached from psychological, psychiatric, and forensic theoretical-experimental paradigm perspective, but also by studying working hypotheses issue regarding correlations between mediators (personality disorders) and participants’ behavioral output from experimental perspective. The research included 3 samples: 2 control samples and one experimental sample. These are part of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Cluj-Napoca database. The gross results of examined patients revealed psychiatric morbidity and co-morbidity, personality disorders and psychiatric disorders absence at the time of forensic psychiatric examination. Results. The following statistical data were obtained from a total of N120 respondents: significant results were obtained (GVD, GDD and GM) F = 25,465, Sig. 0,000 in multiple comparisons using the ANOVA method on independent samples; significant results were obtained for mixed analysis of variance ANOVA two-way on GVD and GM groups F 25,465, Sig. 0.000; and good results weren’t obtained for GVD and GDD groups F 0.453, Sig. 0.503; whereas no significant results were obtained for the Test of Homogeneity of Variances Levene Statistic 0.295 and Sig. 0,589; and significant scores of KMO 0.477 and Sig. 0.000 were obtrained to the statistical method KMO and Bartlett’s Test regarding the eligibility of study participants. Clinical implications and Conclusion. Our research confirms the transdiagnostic approaches from literature perspective about the eight variables of criminal risk regarding domestic violence: history of deviant behavior, antisocial personality pattern, psychopathological cognitive schemas, parental antisocial model, education/ work, leisure / recreation, substances abuse. The correlation/ mediator of domestic violence is the morbidity/ co-morbidity of personality disorders. Our proposal is developing new assessment tools and testing mental and personality disorders in order to be used effectively within the forensic psychiatric committees.
Keywords: domestic violence, personality, psychiatric morbidity, forensic medicine.

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